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Lovol Heavy industry independent research and development automatic Welding equipment booster Drum Quality Upgrade Apr 04, 2018

It is understood that the drum welding automation equipment using roller longitudinal weld, the welding machine of the ring weld is used to weld the drum main body, welding the tooth seat and the rod seat with the welding robot, can realize the position of the GMV1 drum, the automatic welding of the point solid and the regular weld, the welding efficiency is high, the quality is stable, the weld forming and consistency is good. At the same time, the detection accuracy of the use of drum runout laser detection System to replace the original square, feeler and other detection tools, realize the drum bounce value real-time display, detection accuracy of 0.01mm, at the same time to achieve real-time measurement structure display, detection efficiency from the original 4min reduced to 1.5min, detection efficiency increased 62.5%

, and promote the quality of products.

At the same time, in order to better meet the Revo GM80 wheat Machine Drum welding capacity, Lovol Heavy industry synchronous introduction of 1 sets of welding manipulator and robot workstation integration, integrated robot workstation capacity to reach 60 units/day, the realization of robot workstation automation. As the leader of domestic agricultural machinery industry, in recent years, Lovol heavy industry has been committed to automation equipment research, investment, and constantly increase scientific and technological innovation, breakthrough restrictions on agricultural machinery product technology upgrading of many bottlenecks, has independently developed the "Gushen" AGV car, digital running-in platform, on-line detection and other intelligent equipment, Promote product manufacturing quality upgrade, further enhance the Lovol heavy industry in domestic and foreign high-end market competitiveness