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Caterpillar launches new generation of smartphone cat®s61 Apr 03, 2018

Recently, Caterpillar released a new generation of smartphone cat®s61.

The mobile phone has not only the construction of engineering machinery required to prevent fall, waterproof, dustproof function, but also further integrated infrared imaging, air detection, laser ranging and other latest technology.

IR Imaging On CAT®S61 's previous model CAT®S60, Caterpillar first applied a built-in infrared thermal imaging camera, making CAT®S60 mobile the world's leading smartphone with built-in thermal imaging capabilities. Today, more powerful software makes the image resolution of infrared thermal imaging increase to twice times the original. It can now measure temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius (752 degrees Fahrenheit) and can be photographed in real-time thermal imaging. The infrared imaging principle is widely used in engineering, and the common infrared thermography is to use the sensor to receive infrared radiation from the target to obtain the IR thermal image.

The CAT®S61 smartphone, which upgrades the Infrared thermal imaging feature, is lightweight and portable, overcome the heavy defects of professional thermal imaging instruments, and can meet the application of most engineering scenarios, so that by virtue of this smartphone and not professional equipment can be found in the complex engineering environment, such as leakage, leakage, oil spills, local overheating and other risks.

Air inspection The working environment of the engineering staff may be the chemical plant room, or the tunnel construction site. Exposed to these sites year-round, if the air in the place is contaminated, the engineer's body may be damaged.

Indoor air quality sensors were first introduced into the Cat®s61 smartphone, and when the user was in an environment where the level of air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was too high, it alerted the user in a timely manner.

Industrial level of protection On waterproof and dustproof, the industry has a special standard, that is, IP level. IP is derived from the International Electrotechnical Commission for the electrical equipment shell invasion of foreign bodies set the connector protection level, but also the industry standards. IP is generally followed by 2 digits, the 1th is the solid State protection level, 2nd is the liquid protection level, such as IP56, IP67, the higher the two numbers represent better protection performance. IP68 is at its highest level, and Cat®s61 is the IP68 smartphone. Cat®s61 can be water 3 meters up to 60 minutes waterproof, but also includes saline.

At the same time, no fear of any sand dust, that is, to achieve "complete prevention of external and dust intrusion" standards.

With regard to the fall, cat®s61 passed a rigorous fall test, the highest fall height of 1.8 meters. In addition to these technologies, CAT®S61 will also bring laser-assisted ranging and other powerful functions, is very suitable for engineering personnel in the site use.