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China's second-hand Construction Machinery Alliance set up a grand meeting in Yangzhou Apr 17, 2018

Second-hand Construction machinery Alliance Purpose: According to the law, integrity as the cornerstone, the Alliance for the link, integration of the national membership of the Force, and jointly promote the construction of second-hand construction machinery industry integrity system, to create industry integrity Management Service brand, to promote the healthy development of the industry, sustainable development, and create a common good faith, create a brand, a total of profit,

The new situation of common development. The first meeting of China's second-hand Construction Machinery Alliance Council was held at the Yangzhou Convention Center Hotel The Day before the alliance was set up, and the Conference discussed the articles of Association and signed the Convention of China's second-hand Construction machinery Alliance. Union units should consciously abide by, for the second-hand construction machinery industry's healthy and orderly development to make an example. Finally, the General Assembly held elections to the president of the Federation, Vice-Presidents and the Secretary-General.

General Assembly election Igi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Gu Junhui for China's second-hand Construction Machinery Alliance Council president, Easy to beat (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. President Zhang for the league Secretary-General. Today, the construction machinery new machine sales slump, the influx of second-hand construction machinery industry, the increasing number of people, weak profits, mixed personnel, lack of integrity, many problems allow users to choose second-hand equipment more anxiety and confusion.

At the turning point of the second-hand construction machinery development, China's second-hand construction machinery Alliance came into being. In the afternoon of the second-hand Car Business Summit forum guests Express their opinions, have made suggestions. In the meeting, guests on the two mobile phone evaluation and pricing, two mobile phone trading risk prevention, two mobile phone import and export issues, second-hand construction machinery car business development direction of several topics launched a lively discussion. The meeting participants benefited a lot from the constant collision of fresh ideas.