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2020 national railway business mileage will reach 150,000 kilometers Mar 29, 2018

National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the State Railway Bureau, China Railway Corporation 24th jointly issued the "Railway" Thirteen-Five "development plan" proposed that by 2020, the national railway business mileage reached 150,000 kilometers, of which 30,000 kilometers of high-speed railway, double track rate and electrification rate reached 60% and 70%, respectively,     The basic formation of a reasonable layout, covering a wide, structured, safe and efficient railway network.     According to the planning, the construction of high-speed railway in the completion of the "four longitudinal four horizontal" main skeleton on the basis of the orderly advance, the scope of services further expanded to form more than 80% large cities of high-speed railway network. In the optimization of the trunk road network, will continue to optimize the East road network, continue to expand the scale of the Midwest Road network, the Midwest road network size reached 90,000 kilometers. Further expand the western and eastern Central Link channel, orderly promote the construction of foreign channels, and the neighboring countries of railway interconnection to make positive progress.     Inter-City, urban (rural) railway in an orderly manner, economically developed, densely populated, urban areas to form an inter-city, urban (rural) railway skeleton network, inter-city and urban (rural) railway scale reached about 2000 kilometers. According to the plan, by 2020, our country will build a batch of facilities and equipment complete, modern and efficient integrated transport hub, the construction of the regional railway is about 3000 kilometers, railway and other modes of transport integration efficiency is significantly improved, the basic realization of passenger transport "0 distance" transfer and freight "seamless" interface. In passenger travel, the EMU train will bear 65% of the passenger traffic, Beijing to most of the provincial capital between 2 hours to 8 hours of access, adjacent large and medium-sized cities 1 hours to 4 hours of rapid contact, the main urban agglomerations within 0.5 hours to 2 hours of convenient commuting.     In the cargo transport will also be more efficient, "door to door", rapid delivery of the entire logistics service system initially formed, molten iron, Tiegang, Tiering, such as the proportion of multimodal transport significantly increased. It is reported that China will build the national high-speed train Technology innovation center, accelerate the development of a series of independent intellectual property rights of the Chinese standard EMU research and application.     The development of advanced application and green intelligent security of locomotive and vehicle equipment to develop the "door to door", multimodal transport, international interconnection, transportation and other freight complete sets of equipment, and comprehensively upgrade the level of modern railway equipment.     Planning requirements, give full play to the overall competitive advantage of China's railway industry, strengthen the railway foreign exchange and cooperation, speed up the railway "go out", promote the internationalization of China's railway standards, the Chinese-European class column to create a world-renowned logistics brand. Planning clearly, "Thirteen-Five" period will continue to deepen the reform and prevention and control risks, increase the capacity of local investment in railway projects review, fully assess the railway project construction may bring local government debt and risk risks, reasonable control the construction scale and rhythm, strictly controlling the increase of local government debt, to ensure the construction time, Construction standards and other development needs, financing capacity to adapt. To guide local governments to carry out PPP projects in accordance with relevant provisions, strictly prohibit the use of PPP and other forms of illegal violation of debt.     Speeding up the quality of railway assets, the high speed rail with good earnings expectation, promote the debt-to-equity swap according to the principle of marketization and legalization. At the same time, the state will increase its support for railways, play a good role in the financing of railway construction bonds, and continue to introduce a group of railway projects with better market prospects and more stable investment expected income to social capital. Widen the financing channel of Railway Development Fund, encourage the use of equity investment to promote the reform of railway mixed ownership.