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Komatsu full model prices will rise, digging machine price or trend Mar 28, 2018

Komatsu to raise the full model price, is mainly affected by national environmental policies, labor, raw material prices, resulting in higher production costs. Komatsu as a global industry leader in digging machines, the domestic product positioning is mainly high-end products, relative to low-end products, user price sensitivity is lower, we judge the first adjustment to the impact of its digging machine sales is not big.     Since September this year, Xugong, temporary workers, lonking and other enterprises have begun to increase the cost of more sensitive products such as loaders, we believe that the small pine digging machine price increases are digging machines and other construction machinery products to adjust the signal, in the context of rising costs, digging machines and other construction machinery varieties price or trend. December is expected to double the year of digging machine sales, January year-on-year increase of 150%-200% according to our in-depth grassroots research, the December sales are expected to remain 100% growth, the January increase is expected to reach 150%-200% (including Spring Festival factors, 2017 Spring Festival is January, 2018 is February, Should be combined December to see, we judged that before the Spring Festival will maintain high growth. Since the second half of this year, fixed asset investment growth has slowed, the recent tightening of PPP supervision of short-term infrastructure projects slowed down, the market is generally worried about next year's engineering industry growth downward, but the host plant in the first quarter of next year's platoon will continue to increase by 20% to 30%, we think next year after the Especially after the Lantern festival around the start of the next 3 April sales determine the annual pattern and related construction machinery listed enterprises performance. Overall, we estimate that the annual growth rate of 15% to 20%.     Because of the base and other reasons, it is estimated that the pump car growth elasticity will be higher than the digging machine, but to observe the impact of second-hand pump cars on the sale of new cars. November boot hours year-on-year growth of 8.3%, the whole year to see the number of large digging boot hours year-on-year growth in accordance with Komatsu, the November small loose boot hours reached 154.1 hours, an increase of 8.3%, reversing the October year-on-year decline trend. From 1-November boot hours, the MINI, 6-ton, 10-ton, 20-ton, 30-ton, 40-ton-level boot hours are 1159.7 hours, 1238.9 hours, 1229.1 hours, 1348.7 hours, 1746.6 hours and 1680.0 hours, year-on-year growth of 1.65%, 2.42%, 1%, 6.54%, 5.7% and 4.92%, you can see the 20 tons and above in the large digging model of the number of hours year-on-year growth higher. 2017 1-November domestic digging, digging, small digging sales are 17109, 28817 and 71911 respectively, the year-on-year increase of 154%, 138% and 90%, with the boot hours can be mutually confirmed. The main reason for the increase in the large-scale excavation is that the downstream large-scale infrastructure projects and mines are flourishing.