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Lovol heavy industry was identified as National Industrial Design Center Mar 29, 2018

Recently, the state Ministry of Industry issued "on the publication of the 2017 National Industrial Design Center identification and review of the results of the notice", a total of 43 enterprises were newly identified as National Industrial Design Center, Revo ranked among them (the current domestic agricultural machinery industry only this one), Marks the Lovol heavy industry in the industrial design capacity reached the national advanced level, access to national recognition.     So far, Lovol heavy industry has been included in the "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "National Enterprise Technology Center" "National Key High-tech Enterprise" "Postdoctoral research workstation" "Academician workstation" and other research and development design of the country's qualifications. Industrial design is a novel design method, which integrates and optimizes all the elements of the product by combining scientific and technological achievements, engineering, aesthetics, psychology, economics and so on, so that the designed products meet the physiological, psychological and social and cultural needs of the people continuously. At present, many developed countries will develop industrial design to national strategy.     China in the "Thirteen-Five" development planning outline clearly put forward to vigorously develop industrial design, Ministry of Industry began in 2013, "state-level industrial Design Center" identification work, every two years to promote industrial design development, guide innovation, for the Industrial strategic transformation and upgrade to provide support. As an important link in the value chain of manufacturing industry, industrial design is an important pushing force to increase the development and design ability, strengthen product innovation, improve product grade and add value. Lovol Heavy Industry Design Center was established in 2009, over the years, the continuous strengthening of industrial design team construction, the existing number of practitioners more than 400 people, and actively develop research and development cooperation, has been with the German Hohenheim University, Italy, Bologna University and other foreign agricultural machinery prestigious schools and China Agricultural University, Jilin,     More than 30 universities and institutes such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiangsu University, Shandong Science and Technology University, Shandong Polytechnic University and Shandong Agricultural Machinery Science Research Institute have established the Research and development cooperation and cooperated to set up 4 joint research centers and engineering Laboratories, which has greatly promoted the improvement of industrial design capability. At the same time, Lovol heavy industry attaches great importance to research and development input, the annual sales revenue of 3%-5% as research and development funds, in recent years has been invested in research and development funds more than 3 billion yuan. The establishment of the "China + Europe + Japan" global Research and development system, forming a synchronous world of scientific and technological innovation ability. Up to now, Lovol heavy industry has undertaken more than 30 national research and development projects, developed a large number of independent intellectual property rights of new products, has won the China Creative Design Red Star Award, China's innovative Design industry strategic Alliance China Good Design Silver, as well as the global industrial design Oscar for the German industrial Design "red Dot Award" and many other design awards     At the same time, the declaration has more than 1800 patents (including foreign patents). Apos Tractor won the Red Dot Award Apos Tractor won the Chinese Good Design Award as "National Industrial Design Center" can not only greatly enhance the Lovol brand value, its strong demonstration and leading role, will further promote the industry and related areas of industrial design level of overall upgrade, leading the design innovation, improve product quality, Promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural equipment. In the future, Lovol heavy industry will continue to improve the product design capability and level, promote the Chinese agricultural equipment product quality and Chinese agricultural machinery International brand image promotion, further improve the domestic agricultural equipment in the international market competitiveness.