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Ten trends in the development of construction machinery industry Apr 18, 2018

  I. Energy saving and environmental protection According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection released data, February 2014, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta region and municipalities, provincial capitals and cities and other cities, such as the average standard of air quality in the 74-day ratio of 39.7%. In Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region, the highest proportion of the number of days, up to 68.5%, China's environmental problems increasingly serious has become an indisputable fact. And China's construction machinery and equipment industry has a larger proportion of pollution. Qi Jun, president of China Construction Machinery Industry association, said earlier that China is "the world's largest construction site", the project construction led to the rapid development of construction machinery industry.

However, the requirements for construction machinery products emissions have been relatively loose, which makes the market flooded with a large number of high emissions products, has become a heavy burden of the environment. Therefore, the industry calls for domestic construction machinery industry to take energy-saving environmental protection road. The National New urbanization plan promulgated by the country in the recent years, it is understood that the planned investment focus includes perfecting the Urban Foundation, promoting the development of new towns, vigorously developing social undertakings, investing in safeguarding and improving people's livelihood, implementing innovative driving strategies, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, vigorously promoting energy saving and emission reduction, speeding up the construction of ecological civilization, Accelerate the cultivation of new economic support belts. This is the macro, strategic and basic planning to guide the healthy development of the national urbanization in the coming period, and it is also the first urbanization plan promulgated and implemented by the central government. Under the guidance of this "planning", China's construction machinery is bound to usher in the climax of the development of infrastructure facilities. At the same time, "industrial energy-saving" Twelve-Five "planning" also shows the overall goal of industrial energy conservation: by 2015, the industrial value of above-scale energy consumption decreased by about 21% in 2010.

The strict requirements of the state also make the construction machinery enterprises have to put energy conservation and environmental protection in its development strategy important position. Whether it is to reduce the environmental burden, or to break the foreign trade barriers, the road of energy conservation and environmental protection will become the mainstream trend of construction machinery development. The future development of China's construction machinery industry will pay more attention to transformation and upgrading, and in the specific implementation strategy, energy conservation and environmental protection will become the main direction of development. At present, all the manufacturers of construction machinery are incorporating more energy saving and environmental protection elements into their new products. At the just-concluded two-year BMW show in Shanghai, no matter Komatsu, Hyundai, Volvo Construction Equipment and other international engineering machinery well-known enterprises, or 31, Xugong, China-Lian, LiuGong and other Chinese local engineering machinery giants, have shown their latest mechanical equipment, these devices are all have a better energy-saving environmental performance. This shows that the future trend of construction machinery, will be energy conservation and environmental trends.    

    The vast majority of construction machinery enterprises must rely on their own to make products more efficient efficiency, energy-saving performance better than the correct road.

Second, modular design In the future, with the development of construction machinery industry in our country, the equipment that provides high performance, high reliability, high maneuverability, good maintainability and economy has gradually become the target of the manufacturers ' pursuit. Therefore, in order to meet the personalized needs of users, manufacturers should take many varieties, small batch production mode, the fastest speed to develop new products of high quality and low price.

The most effective way to realize these requirements is to adopt modular design principles, methods and techniques. Modular design technology is in a certain range of different functions or the same function of different performance, different specifications of the product functional analysis on the basis of the division and design a series of functional modules, through the selection and combination of modules can constitute different products to meet the different needs of the market design method,

The final principle is to make a few modules to make up as many products as possible, and to meet the requirements of the product with high precision, stable performance, simple structure, low cost, and the modular structure should be as simple as possible, standard, the contact between modules as simple as possible. Compared with the traditional design method, the most important feature of modular design is the application of electronic computer.