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The machine tool industry needs hundred years deep plough Apr 08, 2018

Machine tool industry is the country's basic industries, is the backbone of the country's industrialization, the need for a century has been continuously deep, Ying Winter proud snow! Finally, such as hundred pine, wood, such as steel, thousand years not fade! CCMT2018 will also be the machine tool industry colleagues to bring a depth of learning, exchange opportunities, is the study industry to grow healthily, the temple of the way to survive! Central supply side reform, indicating that the machine tool industry to continue to deep, earth, cut off the vitality of the branches, in-depth study of industry development rules, learn from developed country machine Tool enterprise growth experience, pay attention to talent training, fine technology, lean production, dry out high quality, stable and reliable durable good products! CCMT2018 Theme "Focus on the number, the interconnection," the development of industry trends. Intelligent manufacturing will be more stringent requirements of the machine tool industry: products not only to be more durable, stable, reliable, product design and improvement need to meet the new requirements of intelligent manufacturing, new products must be able to integrate into the automated intelligent manufacturing system or intelligent production line, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain interconnection. Enterprise positioning must adapt to and integrate into the industrial ecology, the technical personnel must study the intelligent manufacturing, the depth research user needs, from the past product function, the product target design to include solves the user demand the plan design. In the future, intelligent manufacturing needs the major support of machine tool industry. Machine tool industry needs to continue to inject a large amount of capital, whether we should consider the advantages of the enterprise technology, moderate development of one or two large flow of small products, improve the ecology, attract hummingbirds, fertile soil, feed machine tool main tree. Along the way, the new demand will bring new life to the machine tool industry, we are willing to continue to plough the industry, the survival of the evolutionary skills, tree hundred Years of enterprise!