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New environmental protection equipment for construction waste disposal Apr 01, 2018

No dust building garbage disposal system to DPF construction waste crusher as the host, the combination of DPF construction waste crusher (one piece finely, simple process, material fine, and less than crushing, particle molding good) and mobile crusher (mobile convenience, flexibility, reduce material transport costs, integrated set of units) all the advantages,is currently the best mobile construction waste disposal equipment. 

Compared with the counterattack-type mobile crushing station, no dust building garbage disposal system integrates the advantages of single fragment and counterattack break, and has more advantages in the aggregate granularity and capacity of finished products, which is often used in the blasting site of buildings, and the construction rubbish is broken into various aggregates (or bricks). Basic materials for building construction or road construction. Without any construction waste from the site, the cost of disposal is saved. At the same time, the construction unit has saved thousands of materials for the purchase and transportation costs.