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Machinery Equipment Spindle Maintenance Market Prospects for this paper source Pangu Machinery Network Apr 04, 2018

With the continuous progress of science and technology we went into the mechanical era, which is also one of the important symbols of modern civilization, and our life and production integration. In the current industrial development in the use of a very large number of machinery and equipment, the stability of the industrial production of the impact is very high, which requires our equipment maintenance and repair. The types of machinery and equipment more complex structure, once the damage repair more trouble, this requires us to operate in strict accordance with the provisions of production, to avoid improper operation of the equipment caused by damage. We all know that the mechanical equipment in the process of operation, inevitable wear phenomenon, the general vulnerable parts we are through the replacement or repair to carry out, but some mechanical equipment for various reasons caused the mechanical spindle will appear wear, and so on, because the former spindle maintenance technology has not been popularized, There are no other maintenance options available only through replacement. With the high-end maintenance technology in China's popularization and popularization, so that the mechanical equipment more than a maintenance choice. Local complete statistics, the current number of machinery and equipment used in China is very alarming, and many equipment will appear spindle wear and so on, spindle maintenance of the market is very broad and relatively blank, to many high-end maintenance enterprises to provide market resources. At present, the main spindle wear problems through ordinary maintenance, plasma repair and laser cladding, according to the different spindle material, choose the right maintenance program. Laser cladding is now more than the higher end of the maintenance technology, can be used for higher material requirements of the spindle repair, through the advantages of laser can be targeted maintenance, repair the main spindle in the restoration of the original performance of more wear-resistant, is one of the areas of high-end repair market vacancy. The source of this paper is Pangu mechanical network.