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Second-hand mine machine maintenance and green mine construction peers Apr 07, 2018

 With the continuous increase of environmental protection, so that environmental awareness has been deeply rooted in the community to participate in environmental protection.  Environmental protection In addition to the embodiment of our lives, our industrial activities are also actively involved in the production of environmental protection as the basis for color green production. Mining industry is an important industry of our industrial development, for our development to provide a variety of mineral resources to support the development of our industry.  As the mining industry in the process of mineral resources mining, will have a certain impact on the environment, China's mining industry to carry out rectification, green mine as the goal, in mineral resources mining and production to the environmental protection as a basis for the realization of green production. At present, many mining enterprises in China have completed the construction of green mines, not only in the mining of mineral resources after the color green mining, but also in the mining area of a large number of green plants to improve the air quality in the mining area, the treatment of tailings is one of the important projects of color green mine construction.  Mining industry in the future development, will adhere to environmental protection as a prerequisite, from a number of aspects together to strengthen environmental protection results. Mining machinery is also the use of mining industry, one of the color green production, which is due to the different scale of mining enterprises, the use of mining machinery production capacity is not the same, some enterprises to develop a more rapid, in order to meet production needs will be small production capacity of the mining machinery for demolition and replacement. Many mining equipment maintenance enterprises to second-hand mining machine maintenance as the main business, the idle mining machinery for the maintenance of the system, and then sell out at a low price, so that these idle equipment to regain the opportunity to use, to avoid duplication of purchase and the long-term idle equipment caused by waste of resources,  Support our environmental management work with practical actions. The source of this paper is Pangu mechanical network [original address]:http://www.pgjxo.com/xinwen/329120.html