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Is the winter engine using the enabler fluid harmful? Mar 30, 2018

The start-up liquid of engine starts in winter, which is harmless to itself.     In the case of cold winter, a variety of methods should be taken, the use of start-up fluid is one of them. When the weather is very cold, the engine will be difficult to start up. Because, first of all, diesel itself will solidify, the fluidity is very poor, even will wax, cause engine bad start.     Second, engine oil will also solidify, resulting in increased engine operating resistance. The starting fluid is mainly ether, the ether flash point is low volatile, when used usually joined in the intake manifold, can help the engine to start.     It is equivalent to heating the intake manifold to help fuel atomization more thoroughly and help to burn. In addition, because the engine is in the starting state, the actual speed (starting speed) is very low, may be a little bit of the engine wear, but not large. Therefore, the former netizen said that "use of start-up fluid will make the diesel engine work rough, wear and tear" is inaccurate.