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The success of another leap, LiuGong full line of products to enter the Brazilian market! Mar 21, 2018

The Brazilian government's construction machinery procurement is different from the government PR budget each year, the quantity of procurement is not fixed, the amount of government procurement is 15%~40% than that of the Brazilian construction machinery market, the government procurement products have great influence on the construction machinery market and demonstrate the effect.

For a long time, the Brazilian government's procurement of construction machinery products has been dominated by international brands that set up factories in Brazil, and other import brands that set up local factories have had difficulty winning the Brazilian government's procurement of construction machinery. To become the mainstream brand in the Brazilian construction machinery market, "capture" the Brazilian government's favor, must be in the government's construction machinery procurement to make a contribution. For LiuGong, it is both a challenge and an opportunity. To this end, LiuGong Brazilian team dedicated to carefully layout a number of strategies, such as relying on the Brazilian market to upgrade the opportunity to import LiuGong main H series loaders and E-series excavators, with the world's high-end brand competitors with the competition to enhance the value of LiuGong brand, overall consideration of tariffs, costs, quality, government policy concessions and other factors, Production to meet the Brazilian government's determination of the basic conditions of local manufacturing products, will be sales, factories, services, distributors together to form a joint combat team, in-depth understanding of potential customer needs, analysis of LiuGong products and competitors of the advantages of short board, relying on LiuGong products comprehensive solution advantages, the development of targeted product sales portfolio plan, Provide customers with a package of solutions. Throughout the overall situation, LiuGong deep into the Brazilian market the entire marketing strategy fruitful, the market record is prominent.