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Kony blockbuster launch area-Forklift safety auxiliary facilities Mar 27, 2018

The Kony operation area is a new initiative of the intelligent connecting forklift. The operating area provides a range of services at a specific location designed to improve the safety of forklift operations, particularly in busy, high-traffic environments. These include the different uses of the geo-fence.    This is an important step in the forklift industry, and to show people the future of intelligent connected forklift. Kony blockbuster launch area-Forklift safety auxiliary facility Kony introduced the geo-fence as part of the operating area. The geo-fencing is a new product that helps improve safety and yard operation efficiency, and uses GPS to create virtual fences around the work area. You can then use these areas to trigger custom alerts. These alert messages can be set to a height limit, speed limit, or other security issue.     Alerts can be displayed on the driver's display or sent to the selected recipient via SMS or e-mail. In addition to helping to improve security, the job area can be used to monitor and reduce downtime. This Easy-to-use tool allows users to manage forklift convoys through computers.     This management and operational integration System monitors and controls the forklift fleet in a new way. The Kony job area can be used for all customers with smart-connected forklifts. More versatility to help improve operational efficiency is currently being developed for future release.