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Zoomlion's 13th annual exhibition of Jilin Modern agricultural machinery and equipment Mar 22, 2018

March 19, the 13th session of China Jilin Modern agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition opened in Changchun.

Zoomlion with large, medium horsepower series of tractors, grain combine harvester, Corn Harvester, silage harvester, straw strapping machine and other products dressed up, tailored agricultural production mechanization of the overall solution for the construction of Jilin Province National agricultural mechanization demonstration province to provide agricultural machinery equipment, service program guarantee support. In recent years, Jilin Province to accelerate the construction of new agricultural management, vigorously promote the large horsepower tractors, corn seed harvester, straw equipment and other products. In the exhibition, from the northeast region of large grain, agricultural machinery cooperatives and other new professional farmers have come to Zoomlion Pavilion, in detail to understand Zoomlion a series of technology-leading, adaptable agricultural machinery products. In PL2304 before the big horsepower tractor, Yushu's farm machinery Master Zhang studied for half a day, can not help to make high-end farm machinery in China praise, he said: "The former use of high-powered tractors are imported, and now finally see the Chinese made their own high-powered tractors, and configuration performance are not imported products, look really good!"