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Spring Agricultural Machinery exhibition ended 3 days turnover amounted to 150 million yuan Mar 23, 2018

The three-day 2018 China Qingdao Spring Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was Pingdu in the afternoon of 20th.

According to the introduction, the exhibition attracted more than 140 exhibitors, exhibitors nearly 800 sets of equipment, more than 12,000 participants, the scene reached more than 3,000 sets of orders, to achieve a turnover of 150 million yuan. According to the director of the exhibition organizers introduced by the Henan Hebi Agricultural machinery Extension station led by large farmers, in the exhibition site ordered 4 Hongsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. developed peanut harvesting machine. Founder Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Peanut, potato machinery attracted more than 100 dealers from all over the country, a total of more than 300 orders, the exhibition effect greatly exceeded expectations. "On the first day we set 60 units worth more than 6 million yuan."

"Weifang Futian Lovol Heavy industry sales manager said. In recent years, the development of agricultural machinery in Qingdao has yielded fruitful results, Qingdao becomes the first batch of "Safe farm machinery" Demonstration City, the agricultural machinery supply side structural reform has achieved remarkable results, the agricultural machinery equipment structure further optimizes, the power machinery and the matching equipment ratio achieves 1:1.93, constructs the agricultural mechanization demonstration base 17,

Become the incubator of agricultural mechanization technology achievement transformation, advance area. Pingdu Agricultural machinery Work also outstanding results, 2017 by the Ministry of Agriculture as the country's main agricultural production mechanization demonstration County. Qingdao Agricultural University as the first complete unit, PINGDU Enterprise Qingdao Hongsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. as the main unit to participate in the "Peanut mechanization seeding and harvesting key technology and equipment" results of the national Science and Technology Progress Award second prize.