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China has become the first country to manufacture and use agricultural machinery Mar 24, 2018

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing convened the national agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Work Symposium. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Zhang Tao Lin, said that China has become the agricultural machinery manufacturing and use of the first country, agriculture from the main rely on human power to rely mainly on mechanical force, into mechanization as the leading new stage.

In the current and future period, to fully implement the subsidy range of agricultural machinery purchase open subsidies, guide and promote the transformation of agricultural mechanization in the new era, to help rural revitalization strategy implementation. Zhang Peach Lin pointed out that agricultural machinery purchase subsidy is the most direct and most important means to promote the development of agricultural mechanization at present.

Since the party's 18, the central government has arranged agricultural machinery purchase subsidy fund 111.6 billion yuan, subsidized the purchase of various types of agricultural machinery more than 18.2 million units (sets), has achieved the benefits of agricultural UNIDO, one by one more significant results. Zhang Peach forest requirements, all localities should highlight the strategic focus, scientifically determine the scope of subsidies, highlight the green ecological guidance, vigorously promote the green development of agriculture, highlight the guidance to support agricultural machinery technology innovation, promote agricultural supply side structural reform, highlighting the sharing of common benefits, and constantly enhance the farmers to subsidize the benefits of a sense of benefit; Continue to improve public and social satisfaction, and create agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy implementation of a new situation.