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The Burmese government has reaped large quantities of orders, LiuGong all the way constantly overweight Mar 21, 2018

2018, the beginning of the new Year, LiuGong Myanmar Market welcomes a start.

LiuGong successfully won a large number of orders from Myanmar government, including road roller, excavator and loader products, for the construction of local roads in Burma. Because the Burmese government's large number of orders, short delivery time, but also coincides with the Chinese New Year holiday, for LiuGong is a huge challenge.

In order to successfully complete the equipment delivery task, LiuGong International Marketing department to respond actively, emergency deployment of resources, Wuxi LiuGong actively support the implementation of emergency large orders, coordination supplier parts on time, the Spring Festival still adhere to the post, work together to ensure that all the complete machine in March 2018 delivery. As early as October 2017, LiuGong and Burma "heat" does not reduce. LiuGong and LiuGong Myanmar dealers Aung Gyi Company of Burma National Ministry of Construction, hosted the "China-Burma Road construction Forum."

The move provides a valuable platform for technical exchanges and communication between China and Burma, and has been highly recognized by officials and engineers of the Ministry of National Construction in Burma, and has further enhanced the confidence of the Burmese customers in LiuGong products. LiuGong, as the pioneer of state-owned enterprises and the world's engineering machinery industry, has always responded positively to the national call and practiced the implementation of the "All the Way" initiative. In the future, LiuGong continues to vigorously deep into the "All the Way" initiative, give full play to the channel Advantage LiuGong, and liugong dealers, continue to support and promote the construction of Burma, painted LiuGong Myanmar's bright future.