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Gazing at the construction equipment industry, what trends does Wicknossen see in the world? Mar 19, 2018

Wicknossen chief executive Martin Lehner said: "In the future, alternative-driven technologies will play an important role." Whether from the legal, regulatory level, or end users to human-machine function, environment, health and safety, such as the promotion of value demands, this trend is constantly accelerating. Our developers are driving many new research and development projects that will help us build the future of the global light and small equipment industry without opening significant development opportunities. Our goal is to provide a true zero-emission option in each of our core product queues.

” In addition, Wicknossen said, digitization is also the future of product development, production, sales and services, another trend, in recent years, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, such as the importance of increasingly prominent, high-end technology has been in product development, and optimize production activities widely used. Digital solutions are also changing sales and service operations across the industry to ensure that equipment suppliers create more value for their customers.