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2017 global construction machinery industry operating profile analysis11 Mar 03, 2018

Industry Risk General Comment and Prospects

Looking forward to 2017, the global commodity market is expected to bottom out and the benefit of emerging markets will boost the overall improvement of the overseas market environment for construction machinery in China. In 2017, the construction machinery market in the world is expected to rebound slightly. It is estimated that only the Western European market in all the regional markets will continue to shrink by 1.1%. The growth rates of other markets will be between 1.0% and 2.0%. In the downstream, the global economy will continue its mild recovery in 2017, with overall improvement in the emerging market economy as a whole. Countries in the world will increase investment in infrastructure to stimulate economic growth and will support the improvement of demand for commodities and the construction industry. With the continuous development of the "Belt and Road" strategy in 2017, the strong demand for construction industry along the routes will also drive the growth of equipment sales. With the deepening of infrastructure construction by our contractors in the markets along the route, China's construction machinery will also be exported with production capacity Access to more market space; with the support of national policies, China's construction machinery industry will continue to promote the internationalization process, and international capacity-building cooperation will also help enterprises to break through and obtain more opportunities for sustainable development.

In 2017, China's construction machinery industry also faces some risks and challenges. Judging from the market performance, the construction machinery market is still facing the challenges of inventory reduction, real estate regulation and control and local fiscal pressure despite the signs of bottoms up. The problem of "big but not strong" in the industry is still outstanding. Most small and medium sized Enterprises still exist in the low proportion of high-end products, capacity expansion and other issues out of order.

Overseas, the international construction machinery market recovery is still sluggish, industry output and investment are still declining, many overseas markets rebound mostly based on low base "compensatory growth", whether to stabilize remains to be further observed, because in some emerging markets, the exchange rate Significant fluctuations in the market size and growth significantly, in the short term may even far outweigh the impact from the downstream.