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2017 global construction machinery industry operating profile analysis10 Mar 02, 2018

Key products exports

Since 2014, the growth rate of the export of key products of the industry has narrowed. However, in absolute terms, the downward pressure on exports of many products continued to increase in 2016: exports of main product components, elevators and escalators declined, the growth of forklift trucks and cranes was limited, Excavators, loaders decline as high as 10.2%, 19.9%; only a small proportion of products in the paver to achieve positive growth, the rest are negative growth.

China Construction Machinery Industry Overview

In 2016, with the continuous planning and implementation of national infrastructure projects, the sales of many products in construction machinery industry showed signs of bottoming after some years of sluggishness. In 2016, nine major construction machinery products sold 544,600 sets of main products, an increase of 10.2% over the same period of previous year. In addition to the loader, truck crane sales year-on-year decline, the remaining seven major construction machinery products to achieve growth. In 2016, the growth rate of China's machinery industry increased month by month, from 9.6% in January-December to 4.1% in growth over the previous year, 3.6% higher than the national growth rate in the same period. Operating income 24.55 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.44%; industry profits 1.68 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.54%.