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State Council to promote standardization work reform encourage Association to develop group standards Apr 21, 2018

Li Keqiang, the State Council, February 11 chaired the State Council executive meeting to determine the reform measures to promote the standardization of work, promoting economic upgrading of quality. The meeting pointed out that promoting China's economy to the middle and high-end level, improve product and service standards is the key. We must deepen the reform, optimize the standard system, perfect the standard management, make great efforts to change the existing standard management "soft", the standard system "disorderly" and the standard level "low" condition, promote the competitiveness of products and services, stimulate the vitality of the market and promote the economy to improve the quality and efficiency. The meeting determined that the first is to improve the standardization system, carry out the evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of standards, strengthen supervision and inspection and administrative enforcement, and seriously investigate and punish violations, so that standards become a "hard constraint" on quality. The second is to comprehensively clean up and revise the existing national, industry and local standards, to integrate the existing mandatory standards, to establish a unified mandatory national standard in the areas of health, safety and environmental protection involving the public interest, to gradually reduce the recommended standards and to promote the transition to public welfare standards. The third is to encourage the association, associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industrial Technology Alliance to develop and release the group standards to meet the needs of the market and innovation, select some areas to carry out the pilot. Allow enterprises to independently formulate the implementation of product and service standards, the establishment of enterprise Standards declaration of the public system. Four is to raise standard internationalization level. Further relax the participation of foreign-funded enterprises in China's standard-setting work to promote the standard level by effective market competition.

Efforts to make our standards in the international standing, authoritative, reputable, for the Chinese manufacturing to go out to provide "pass."

Association since the four sessions of the Second Council in 2010, "China Construction Machinery Industry Association Standard Management Measures", the first in the construction machinery industry to carry out Group Standards (Association Standard) system revision work, as of January 2015, has issued 29 standards to members, at present, there are more than 10 standards have been included in the formulation of plans. The decision of the State Council executive meeting will greatly promote the construction machinery industry standardization work, the Association will be based on the construction machinery industry issued to meet the needs of the market and Innovation Group standards, strengthen international exchanges, promote industry standardization work and international standards, enhance the right to speak, for China's manufacturing out to provide "pass."