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The fastest tunneling shield machine in China Apr 19, 2018

More than 6.4 meters in diameter, 76 meters in length, such behemoths can travel more than 9 centimeters in 1 minutes in the earth.

Recently, the Wuhan Marine machinery Company delivered the "Hanyang Municipal No. Second" Shield machine, become the fastest in the domestic excavation of the "Tiger." It is reported that this shield machine is specially designed for the Wuhan Metro line Line 6, has completed on-site installation, the highest speed of excavation up to 92 mm/min.

In the same geological conditions, the design speed of 10% per cent higher than the domestic similar products in the fastest.

Wuhan Marine Machinery Company in charge of the introduction, the characteristics of this shield machine is simple operation, low failure rate, small impact on the ground. "The operation is done on the touch screen, like a tablet computer, and the noise is small and has little impact on the ground." The earth pressure sensor is installed on the Shield machine, which can be found to ensure the correct marching posture of the shield machine, no matter where the earth pressure changes.

” This is the company's fourth shield machine equipment. Wuhan Marine Machinery Company was founded in 1958, is a member of the shipbuilding industry group, to produce oars, rudder and other marine core equipment for the main industry, called the field of "national team."

In recent years, began to transition to port machinery, welding materials, marine equipment and bridge support and other business areas, the proportion of non-ship products from 20% to more than 60%. Shield machine is one of its strategic emphases.

2010, the company and the Japanese Tunnel Systems Co., Ltd. to enter the shield industry. "We do not focus on foreign licensing, aimed at mastering key technologies and core manufacturing, the formation of independent design and manufacturing and service capabilities, and finally realize the industrialization of their own brands." The head of the company introduced.