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2017 global construction machinery industry operating profile analysis8 Feb 28, 2018

In the Indian market, under the background of strong economic trend and increasingly active construction and manufacturing industries, the market demand for construction machinery in India is growing rapidly. From 2016, the success of Chinese enterprises in developing the Indian market is considerable. The export growth rate of the industry has risen sharply. However, It should be noted that the problem of trade protectionism associated with "made in India" will also persist for a long time, and the first to bear the brunt will be the whole product. Even if it has not yet been affected or is not seriously affected, from the perspective of the low-cost competition in India itself, Therefore, we believe that the active performance of the Indian market is expected to continue into 2017 and continue to be the main force driving the growth of export of China's construction machinery industry. However, such growth may continue due to the above factors and the number of bases Gradually face the pressure of slowing down.

In the Russian market, the year 2016 witnessed the fourth consecutive year of negative export growth of the industry to Russia since 2012. With the gradual stabilization and recovery of the Russian economy, the decline of China's construction machinery exports to Russia in 2016 also narrowed to the first place Number of inflation down, the steady rise of the exchange rate of the ruble became two positive factors. However, on the other hand, based on the forecast of international authorities, the economy of Russia is still in a slow recovery period in 2017. There is no clear sign of temperature recovery from the downstream performance in the construction industry, mining industry, etc. Therefore, it is estimated that the industry will export to Russia in 2017 There may still be a slight decline.