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Construction machinery industry in 2017 profits will be significantly increased 6 Feb 12, 2018

Chen Qiahua, chairman of Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd., as the theme of "intelligent machine era, with digital technology and intelligent services to lead the industry's future," the main thrust of sharing, Chen Qixian believes that the construction machinery industry has been multi-dimensional digital technology innovation, Caterpillar Intelligence through digital technology and intelligent services to create more value for customers; Chen always through the video comparison on the same road, the use of Carter intelligent equipment can shorten the construction cycle nearly doubled, construction efficiency and fuel consumption are greatly reduced. Subsequently, he shared with Caterpillar intelligent device management solutions, intelligent service solutions, and intelligent machines and intelligent services to jointly improve customer asset management efficiency, production efficiency, higher security and green development.

Yinzheng Fu, senior president of Zoomlion Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech entitled "Maintaining Force and Enhancing Capacity to Build a Healthier Industry Ecology". Yin Zhengfu said that enterprises must improve their internal capacity and improve their product innovation capability to actively embrace the Internet. Meanwhile, they should practice external good practices and actively go global so as to make full use of the strategic Belt and Road initiative. By capitalizing on industrial innovation and by entering the environmental industry, Agricultural machinery bigger and stronger enterprises, make full use of capital to promote the Zoomlion heavy industry restructuring; building and maintaining the healthy industry is the mission of each business, so that the industry is more healthy and orderly development.

Zhang Xiuwen, chairman of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said that focusing on the value and dedication to the users' sake has always been the philosophy of Shantui. In addition to value leadership, Shantui is also pursuing the most technologically advanced and most reliable product concept. To this end, Shantui is also boldly trying to sell full-hydraulic bulldozers to Europe and the United States, which fully reflects Shantui's confidence and determination. In the development of new products and technologies, Shantui has developed a 200 hp gas bulldozer which is currently sold in Russia. At the same time, it also developed an unmanned remote bulldozer and also achieved sales.

This meeting was held under the situation that China's construction machinery industry experienced more than five years of in-depth adjustments and initially showed signs of steady recovery and recovery. Through this meeting, more clearly the construction machinery industry's future development goals and establish confidence in the development.