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China's Machinery Industry Hundred Strong In The Transition Apr 20, 2018

In the Mechanical hundred list, the state machine group to achieve the main business income of 222.7 billion yuan, continue to be the top, Weichai Holdings second, Xugong Group, 31 group, Zoomlion and so on in the top ten. But in the first 10 places appeared a new face, Tianjin hundred Li Machinery Equipment group from the last year's 41st position rose to 4th place, become a dark horse. Mechanical Hundred enterprise main business income total 1.6158 trillion yuan, down 3.99% year-on-year, the increase with the previous ratio from positive to negative, down 7.93%. Among them, 39 of the scale of more than tens of billions of dollars, 8 more than 50 billion yuan, 2 more than billions of dollars. According to the main business income statistics, 44 main income growth, 56 year-on-year decline. Machinery hundred Enterprises total profit of 70.6 billion yuan, down 3.06% year-on-year, the increase with the previous ratio from positive to negative, down 6.74%.

According to the amount of profit, 55 enterprises profit Year-on-year growth, 43 year-on-year decline.

The difficult transformation under the adjustment of construction machinery structure From the mechanical industry hundred list is not difficult to see, the company's position change is very small, especially the top ten enterprises, in addition to the individual fine-tuning, basically maintained the original precedence.

This fully shows that in the transformation of the hundred enterprises still maintain a good momentum of development and strong competitiveness.

For construction machinery Enterprises, in addition to a few top ten enterprises, Guangxi Yuchai, Lovol Heavy industry, Shandong Huaxing, temporary workers, North heavy industry, Hangzhou Fork, Anhui Forklift, iron Construction heavy industry, Shandong Chang Lin, Sunward Intelligent Enterprises are listed. In recent years, the construction machinery industry is experiencing severe overcapacity, sluggish market demand and a steep decline in profits, such as "depth adjustment period" test. Some people say that the construction machinery industry and macro-economic background is "strong correlation" relationship. Economic situation and infrastructure investment strong correlation, so the previous period of time real estate warmer to the construction machinery has promoted. Recently, the State policy will open up 1.5 million of the population of urban construction planning, showing that there is room for expansion of infrastructure. In fact, there is a serious overcapacity in the low end of the construction machinery field, but the high-end market is also very scarce.

In this situation, the construction machinery industry restructuring and upgrading, although difficult, but very necessary. Taking Xugong as an example, as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, Xugong has gradually completed its own transformation and upgrading in adhering to the main business and the mixed reconstruction. The chairman of Xugong Group Thanes said: "The global competition environment, especially China's construction machinery industry, has begun to have a major change, as China's construction machinery manufacturers, we should stick to their main business, quality, stability and reliability of the most basic links to do a solid, do in place, with new thinking, New Tricks, New ways to step up major structural adjustment, become the world's most dazzling strength of the summit. "And Xugong mixed Gerze is to absorb strategic investors, according to state-owned enterprises to reform the top design plan, Xugong is expected to take the commercial state-owned enterprises mixed path, through the introduction of war, state-owned shares, the overall listing, employee shareholding and other mixed plans to enhance the company's management efficiency, improve profitability At the same time, Xugong information company, relying on the best practice of Xugong Group, actively carry out intelligent manufacturing business. In the information age, "Internet + construction Machinery", Xu is still at his fingertips. "Our reset goal is to return to the fifth place in the world by 2020, this is a quality, effective, technical innovation, the return of brand reputation, and the fifth in the world in the 2012 and the quality of the promotion and difference, to 2025, into the world's top three, among the world's construction machinery Field ' luxury club '.

Thanes is confident of Xugong's future. If the transformation and upgrading of Xugong is more adherence, then 31 of the transformation and upgrading of the integration of diversification. 2015, 31 heavy industry actively to the construction of industrialization, military, entrepreneurial incubator and other new business transformation and made substantial progress. On the one hand, 31 invested 650 million yuan to carry out the construction industrialization research and development project, set up Kunshan 31 residential workers, transformation environmental protection economy construction industrialization. On the other hand, 31 set up the Military Division, and the National Defense Science and Technology University to establish a "Unmanned equipment Engineering Center" to promote the development of military unmanned equipment, and obtain the "weapons and equipment research production license", and actively lay military equipment. In addition, the company set up the Hunan 31 Creative Incubator Co., Ltd., to create innovative pioneering base, "31 smart New Town." March 2016, Jo Long Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jo Long) in Zhuhai, Guangdong officially opened. 31 the active transformation of military and architectural industrialization will create a new profit growth point. A quarterly report of 2016 showed that the net profit of the 31 heavy industry during the reporting period was 90.16 million yuan, a big increase of 338.51% per cent, and a quarter of 65% of net profit for the year.

At the same time, net cash flows from operating activities increased by 69.92% over the same period last year.