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Domestic First Set Of Composite Shield Machine Main Bearing Installed Apr 18, 2018

 China's first use of domestic main bearings of the remanufacturing shield machine recently in Hefei smooth line. 

  This indicates that China Railway tunnel group and Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter known as the Luo axis) jointly conquer Shield machine main bearing independent development bottleneck, to achieve the home of shield machine main bearings, the end of our class of high-end bearings dependence on imports of long-term situation. Shield machine is widely used in urban rail transit construction, railway and Highway tunnel engineering, Water Diversion project. At present, a large number of shield machine faces the problem of serious decline in performance, increasing use cost and even scrapping, which has remarkable social and economic benefits. 

  However, the key parts of the shield machine ——— the main bearing manufacturing technology, has been a few well-known international bearing enterprise monopoly, is the bottleneck of the construction of the Shield machine remanufacturing. "After tackling the problems, we have achieved breakthroughs in raw material design, bearing structure design, thermal treatment technology research, precision manufacturing technology, testing technology and assembly technology, and created 6 proprietary intellectual property rights and shield machine main bearing materials, processing, testing and other special standards for the design of raw materials." "Luo axis related Responsible person introduction, this line main bearing diameter 2.6 meters, can satisfy the diameter 6~7 meter shield machine to work continuously for more than 15,000 hours." 

  This shows that China has mastered the main bearing manufacturing technology of Shield machine, broke the technology monopoly of a few multinational corporations, and made a key step to realize the complete localization of shield machine. Upaulin, chairman of China Railway Tunnel Group party secretary, said that the China Railway tunnel has entered the field of Shield construction earlier, and currently maintains 87 sets of all kinds of tunnel tunneling machines. The unit to restore and upgrade the performance of the original machine as the standard, in the years to explore the formation of the Shield remanufacturing "eight-step" standard work flow, the testing system and standard of Shield are developed, and the working mechanism of professional equipment supervision is introduced, which effectively solves the "remanufacturing standard", "Market Approval", "professional subcontracting" and "parts inspection". and other aspects of the problem, become the country's approved shield remanufacturing pilot units and industry-leading enterprises. 

  2016, the state Ministry of Industry made clear the pilot unit for the construction of the Shield, China Railway Tunnel Group is only one by one enterprises are listed in the Shield remanufacturing pilot units. Luo Axle general manager Sun Chilin said, China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. in the ct006h Shield machine remanufacturing, dares to innovate, dares to try, to our country shield machine remanufacturing has played a very good leading role, at the same time also greatly promoted the shield main bearing localization process. The innovative model developed by the host user and the bearing manufacturing enterprise will also play a role in the domestic work of the main bearing of shield construction in China.