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China Construction Machinery Brand In The United States A Successful Conference Apr 17, 2018

March 7, in the world famous exhibition capital, Entertainment capital, the United States, Las Vegas, a world of Engineering machinery brand event (CONEXPO-CON/AGG) is being held, the international construction machinery brand here, the world's many professional audience here for the world's engineering machinery to judge,

Appreciate the expedition. China's construction machinery brand also in the flowers bloom again. Xugong, 31, in the union, mountain push, mountains and rivers Intelligence, LiuGong, Shandong temporary work, such as more than 100 Chinese host and supporting enterprises exhibitors.

China Mechanical and electrical products import and export Chamber of Commerce and China Construction Machinery Industry Association successfully held a "China Construction machinery brand International promotional activities."

In one of the activities of the "China Construction Machinery Press conference", seven Chinese construction machinery famous brand of senior executives, to show the world the Chinese construction Machinery brand style. The conference attracted more than 40 of the world's leading professional media to participate in construction machinery, including the United States, "Construction machinery (construction equipment)", Germany's "Architecture (BAUM)" Magazine, the British "Today Crane", "The World Highway", "International Architecture", " South America construction, China's "construction machinery", "Construction machinery and maintenance", "Construction machinery", "Construction machinery technology and management", China Road Machinery Network, China Construction Machinery brand Network; "People's Daily", Xinhua news agency, CCTV, China Daily Reporters also painstakingly came to the conference and interview.