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The Best Choice For Enterprises To Quickly Enter The Smart Grid Apr 29, 2018

The English description of the IEC 61850 standard is Communication Networks and System in Substations. The Chinese language is called the substation communication network and system. Its biggest advantage is that it regulates the communication behavior between intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) in substations and related system requirements.

The IEC 61850 system standard was established in 1995 by the International Electrotechnical Commission's 57th Technical Committee (IEC T57). Currently 14 parts of IEC61850 have all been adopted as international standards, and the National Standardization Committee of China has synchronized the IEC61850 series of standards (download). Tracking and translation work.

The IEC 61850 standard absorbs the most advanced international communication and electronic technologies, especially the international standards that integrate multiple fields as part of IEC 61850. Therefore, in a broad sense, the IEC 61850 standard is a very complicated and large standard system, not a narrow one. The agreement, especially in China, is a common misconception among many professionals.

The IEC 61850 series adopts object-oriented modeling technology and an extensible architecture for future communication. Its goals are: a world, a technology, and a standard.

IEC61850 has the characteristics of interoperability, free configuration, stability, openness, integrity, etc. It has become the first choice for China Power Grid Corporation to build digital substations and smart grids. With reference to the 12th Five-Year Development Plan of the State Grid, smart substations will become the mainstream of newly-built substations. The relevant first- and second-tier equipment suppliers of smart substations will usher in technological revolution and explosive business growth; 46 new smart substations will be built in the first phase. Renovation of 28 seats; 8,000 seats will be built in the second phase of 2015, and 50 smart substations will be rebuilt; 7,700 new seats will be built in the third phase in 2020, and 44 will be rebuilt, so by the year 2020, a total of 16,000 will be built and rebuilt. Substation.

The traditional domestic primary and secondary equipment suppliers are mostly prone to manufacturing, design and development, especially the development capability of new technologies is relatively weak. Therefore, when the State Grid launched intelligent substation construction planning and tendering requirements, many terminal manufacturers were caught off guard. , due to their own development underestimated and other reasons lost the best opportunity to enter the smart grid market.

The lack of understanding of the IEC61850 series of standards led many terminal manufacturers to abandon their own development, and to adopt the 61850 protocol converter or cooperative development, commissioned development model to quickly meet the requirements of entering the smart grid.

The 61850 protocol converter is the best choice for many equipment manufacturers in the near future. The author analyzes the following aspects:

Leveraging development and leveraging is a very hot topic at present, and leveraging the power to achieve the results of a series of efforts. If a company develops its own thing, unless the company has a very deep technical accumulation and resource protection, it will miss the most. Good market opportunities are also faced with uncontrollable development risks and development costs.

61850 protocol converters are not blindly controlled by people. In the process of cooperation, manufacturers can reposition themselves based on their own technologies and resources. They can consider adopting more flexible methods, such as cooperative development and commissioning of development, and they will be developed and developed by the 61850 protocol converter professional development company. Interfaces, and even open source code, can save both development time and early development investment from the enterprise's point of view.

Board-level cooperation program, 61850 protocol converter can be a stand-alone device, can also be a board card, according to the author and many partners in the communication, the manufacturer is actually very much in the mode of receiving the card cooperation, that is, 61850 protocol converter development company Develop core board and functions, and reserve user interface, so that users can easily integrate into their own products. This approach has a better integrity effect from the perspective of the final product. It can also be an alternative. the way.

The 61850 protocol converter will have a certain market in at least a few years. With the development of cooperation, the form of board cards, and the emergence of chip-level products, there will be more and more options; regardless of the method, the author suggests that Small and medium-sized companies choose the above scheme to have better results.

Bofan Power is one of the first companies in China to study and master IEC61850 technology. The company has conducted long-term continuous research to fully grasp the object-oriented modeling technology, software reuse technology, high-speed Ethernet technology, and embedded real-time in the IEC 61850 standard. Operating system RTOS technology, XML technology, universal object-oriented substation event model, substation configuration language SCL, manufacturing message specification MMS, IED equipment interoperability, and digital substation communication network system OPNET network simulation analysis.

In response to the current demand for the construction of digital substations and smart grids, Bofan Power designed products and modes that can be flexibly configured 61850 protocol converters, 61850 server, 61850 client software, middleware development kits, and cooperative development, and are fully compatible with the IEC 61850 system. It can flexibly and conveniently solve the problem of non-IEC61850 system equipment or application system compatible with IEC61850 system.

Bofan Power adheres to the road of independent innovation and steady development, and wins the trust from users with its product quality, advanced technology and good service. We ask you to provide professional, cost-effective IEC 61850 system solutions.