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Optimization Technology Of Intelligent Manufacturing And Pushing Engineering Machinery Industry Apr 22, 2018

 Intelligent manufacturing is a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts, which can conduct intelligent activities in the process of manufacturing, such as analysis, inference, judgment, conception and decision. Through the cooperation of human and intelligent machines, to enlarge, extend and partially replace the mental work of human experts in the manufacturing process. It updates the concept of manufacturing automation and expands to be flexible, intelligent and highly integrated.

In the field of construction machinery, the concept of intelligent manufacturing is to transform the production, processing and other processes through the Internet technology, in order to improve efficiency, improve product accuracy grade and optimize the production process.

Intelligent manufacturing has pushing hands Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information technology, said in a recent article that through the implementation of "China made 2025" to speed up the construction process of China's manufacturing power.

To this end, will promote the implementation of National Manufacturing Innovation Center construction, intelligent manufacturing, industrial strong base, green manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation projects. Industry and Information Technology department spokesman, chief engineer Zhang Feng said that the ministry in the implementation of the "Internet +" guidance, the work is mainly positioned in the "two Focus" and "two support." This "two points" is called the promotion of "Internet +" collaborative manufacturing and "Internet +" small micro-enterprise innovation in the integration of development. At the same time there are "two support", this "two support" is to promote the whole society "Internet +" infrastructure construction, that is, information network infrastructure construction, to meet and keep up with the whole society "Internet +" needs. Although our infrastructure says that after years of hard work, I have made great strides with myself, but compared with the advanced countries in the world, including the next step to implement the "Internet +", which requires a lot of resources and a lot of infrastructure to support, so this is a key to our support. Similarly, in supporting the "Internet +" aspect, we have a lot of equipment, such as the "Internet +" devices, software, chips, etc., but also to keep abreast of the "Internet +", can make "Internet +" better for the whole society to provide high-speed broadband infrastructure and hardware and software PRODUCT Application services support.

This is the focus of our work. The deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry will become the commanding heights of future industry competition. To seize this commanding heights, intelligent manufacturing is the main direction, but also to achieve China's manufacturing industry from the fundamental path of strong. In order to implement intelligent manufacturing engineering, the integration innovation and engineering application of new generation information technology and manufacturing equipment should be carried out closely around key manufacturing areas. We should support joint research, develop intelligent products and intelligent devices and realize industrialization. It is necessary to classify and implement the pilot demonstration and application promotion of intelligent manufacturing in key areas, industries and enterprises with good basic conditions and urgent needs.

To speed up the establishment of intelligent manufacturing standard system and information security system, build intelligent manufacturing Network system platform. By 2020, the level of intelligent manufacturing focus area increased significantly, the pilot demonstration project operating costs reduced by 30%, the product production cycle decreased by 30%, the non-performing product rate decreased by 30%; by 2025, the manufacturing focus area was fully intelligent, the pilot project operating cost reduced 50%, and the production cycle decreased by 50

%, the rate of non-performing goods decreased by 50%.

Intelligent Manufacturing is the core

"Made in China 2025" goal is: After 10 years of struggle, by 2025, the overall quality of China's manufacturing industry increased significantly, innovative ability markedly enhanced, the total labor productivity significantly improved, intelligent, service, Green to reach the international advanced level, China entered the ranks of the world's manufacturing power. "' China manufacturing 2025 ' is the core of innovation-driven development, the main line is the integration of industrialization and information technology, the major direction is intelligent manufacturing, the final realization of manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent." "China Manufacturing 2025" is the main direction for manufacturing intelligent manufacturing, "said Zhou Ji, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, at the 2015 International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing.