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2018 China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 Awards Ceremony Held Grandly Apr 03, 2018

Build a better life, save energy and promote environmental protection In recent years, the user's attention to the energy consumption index of construction machinery is increasing, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important direction of the strategic development of construction machinery enterprises. Whether it is to reduce the environmental burden, or to break the barriers of foreign trade, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the inevitable trend of the development of China's construction machinery industry.

At the same time, research and development of energy-saving and environmental protection products also embodies the construction machinery to build a better life of responsibility and play. The mountain push dh13k type full hydraulic bulldozer uses the mountain pushes the special intelligent control system, the static pressure drive optimization technology, is the domestic first to satisfy the current world not the highest standard bulldozer.

2017 Sales of 50 units, successfully into Europe, the United States high-end market, filled the domestic full hydraulic bulldozer sales in foreign countries, thus awarded the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2018)" Market performance gold. Hitachi ZH200-5A-type hybrid hydraulic excavator adopts a new hybrid power system and three-pump hydraulic system, which effectively utilizes the rotary deceleration energy, reduces the fuel consumption by 15% in the PWR mode, and increases the oil efficiency by 18%, which is a successful model for the wide range application of the hybrid power excavator. LiuGong clg922e Crawler Excavators, the first in the domestic use of full parallel radiator, equipped with exclusive Cummins QSB7 dedicated engine, greatly reducing the noise and fuel consumption. Self-developed IPC Integrated control system can automatically match the engine speed and the hydraulic pump power according to the working mode, and the whole machine operation ability and operation efficiency are greatly improved.

These two products both won the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2018)" Technology Innovation Gold Award. The temporary l968f type Wheel loader adopts the second generation special energy saving technology, the large torque multi power engine matching technology, the medium energy capacitance torque Converter Optimization technology, the comprehensive energy saving reaches 20%, the whole machine traction Force, the excavation strength superiority is obvious.

2017 Sales of 1105 units, the domestic market share among the top, thus won the Chinese construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2018) "Gold medal market performance." Won the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2018)" Application Contribution Gold Award Lovol FR480E Mine Excavator, using electronic control positive flow and Lovol original independent cooling circuit technology, reduce back oil back pressure, high efficiency and energy saving. It adopts the reinforced chassis, boom, bucket rod, the service life of up to 15000h.

Once listed, it is in the Inner Mongolia Open-pit coal mine, Shanxi steel plant, Heilongjiang stone and other large-scale construction site to achieve a lot of applications. In addition, this list also emerges some very characteristic energy-saving environmental protection products. The North heavy NTE200 Electric drive mine dump truck uses the electric drive technology, has the complete intellectual property rights, the operation cost is low, the reliability is high, the domestic only realizes the batch production. The System matching optimization technology is adopted in the E680F crawler excavator of Shandong Province, and the comprehensive efficiency of the same model is increased by 6% and the fuel saving is 6%.

Doosan dx300lc-9c Crawler Excavator can be intelligent to perceive the actual intensity of work, job efficiency and improve energy saving at the same time.

Supporting the strong behind the scenes to build product competitiveness As the upstream supply chain of the construction machinery industry, the accessory industry has become an indispensable link for the host manufacturer to build the product competitiveness. From this list, the technical innovation upgrades to the complete machine technology breakthrough provides a strong support, including power systems, transmission systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems. Hydraulic parts of Rexroth, Cqs, power of Cummins, Weichai, firewood, transmission system of Dana, ZF, as well as the filter of Donaldson, in the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2018)" List of products have a high proportion of matching, these brands supporting parts in the promotion of the reliability of the host,

It has played an important role in durability, efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection. Take the power system as an example: Cummins Power products, renowned for its high quality and technological leadership, continue to reduce operating costs while improving overall performance and meeting emissions requirements. In recent years, the domestic market has achieved good economic and social benefits, by the host plant and end-users of all ages. Won the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2018)" Gold Word-of-mouth Award of LiuGong clg870h type Wheel loader, the application of the Gold Award of Xugong GR3505 grader and Lovol fr480e mine excavators are equipped with Cummins engine, It embodies the strong technical support of Cummins in promoting the innovation and upgrade of the whole product. In addition, the domestic Weichai, on the firewood is also "China Construction machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2018)" List of many host optimal power system supporting brand.