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Pig Peggy's Vegetable Biscuit Is A Machine For Molding And Jet Printer To Build Social Explosion Models Apr 25, 2018

Speaking of Pig Pig, everyone must be familiar with it. Recently, this pink pig has not only exploded on the Internet, it has even appeared in real life. Netizens are catching up with the trend and are basking in Pigeon-related products on social platforms, including accessories, food, and tattoos. The mall has also started hosting various pig page themed events before.


The food extended by Peggy Style, a must-have for the community, is also varied, such as watch milk tablets, curios, lollipops, biscuits, jellies, marshmallows, and more. The author is very curious about these Peggy foods. How do they rely on molding machines, packaging machines, cooking pots, and other processing equipment to create a social explosion of value and quality? This article will first talk about the Peggy version of the vegetable cookie.


I tasted this vegetable cookie and it tasted salty and sweet. It was very addictive and it was closely related to the ingredients. The raw materials for Peggy's version of vegetable biscuits include wheat flour, white granulated sugar, vegetable oil, fructose, eggs, edible salt, dehydrated vegetables, and the like. One of the dehydrated vegetables caused the author's attention, and then carefully looking at the biscuits in kind, it does contain many green vegetable pieces. From the above, it can be seen that as a child food, production companies can say that they have to work hard on nutrition and health.


The raw materials in the ready-to-eat soup we saw in the supermarket were dehydrated vegetables, which were cleaned and dried. At present, production enterprises generally use hot air drying and freezing vacuum drying to achieve dehydration and drying of vegetables. In contrast, the advantages of freeze-drying technology are even more pronounced, and there is a faster rehydration while preserving the color and flavor of vegetables. With the market demand for freeze dryers increasing dramatically and technology continuing to improve, performance and quality have also improved. For example, Wan Qun's dry vacuum freeze dryer adopts a novel horizontal type intermittent evaporation to allow the circulating flow in the container to fully dry the material.


The contents of the Peggy Vegetable Biscuits highlight the health quality, while the appearance is soft and diverse. The Pig Peggy cartoon has various animal characters such as brother George, Susie Suzy, and Danny Doggy. These characters have contracted the appearance of vegetable biscuits. The main helper who "runs" the animated character to the biscuit is the molding machine. The biscuit forming machine can squeeze all kinds of corner shapes on the dough and print a variety of unique patterns to make the cookies delicious and beautiful.


Faced with the ever-changing consumer market, manufacturers need more personalized and diversified machinery and equipment to meet market demand. Therefore, molding machines with a wide range of applications and many controllable specifications are favored by customers. Machines like Chengruo Machinery, Asahi Foods, and Guanmai Foods have a wide range of choices in terms of size, pattern, and mold style, and can be formulated according to customer requirements. In addition to conventional biscuits, Cookies, peach cakes, etc. can also be made, very much in line with the needs of a multi-purpose machine.


Whether it is the appearance or connotation of vegetable biscuits, there are many articles, so what ingenuity does packaging have? Peggy vegetable biscuits are available in both drum and box formats. The box is made up of individual small packages that are clean and hygienic and avoid food waste. It is worth mentioning that the carton has a cartoon pattern printed on the back and can be used for graffiti games, which is in line with the delicious and fun positioning of children's food.


Through the printer, the printer can print the corresponding text on the food packaging. Nowadays, there is a wide range of applications for automatic laser printers in production and processing. The main reason is that they have the advantages of special symbol editing, brilliant screens, dot-matrix graphics editing, and storage calls at any time. For example, the laser printers from Crown Machinery and BioWave have high production efficiency and functions.


Seeing this, I believe that many people have more understanding of the production process of Peggy's version of vegetable biscuits and the technical equipment involved, and can also feel the intent of such a child biscuit in its appearance, connotation, and packaging. Interesting, tasty and safe are the three key factors for children's snacks. When manufacturers manufacture such foods with special orientation, they have to comprehensively design their products, control their production safety, and use equipment such as molding machines. .