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China Machinery Industry Brand Strategy Promotion Committee Plenary Meeting Held In Beijing Apr 07, 2018

In recent years, the State Council attaches great importance to quality brand work, relevant ministries have issued the "promotion of equipment manufacturing quality brand promotion of special Action Guide", "machinery industry restructuring to promote the transformation of efficiency guidance", "Quality brand Promotion" Thirteen-Five "planning" and other guiding documents, this year the State Council will be May 10 as " China brand Day ", the National quality brand building to upgrade to unprecedented heights, we must pay great attention to this work."

The main responsibility of the product Committee is to publicize the national policy, create a quality brand atmosphere, do a good job in the industry self-discipline, guide the industry and enterprises to carry out quality brand construction. Yang Xue Vice President made the work report of the Product Committee, the article briefly reviews the work of the Quality Promotion Committee in the past seven years, mainly to carry out the year of the improvement of the brand, from widely publicize the national policy, create the industry atmosphere of quality brand, guide the enterprise to implement the responsibility of quality and safety, strengthen the brand strategy consciousness of enterprise leaders and operators,

This paper summarizes the methods of advanced quality management, brand building of industrial clusters and personnel training.

The Conference also on the mechanical Industry Quality brand promotion action year activities emerged in the quality of integrity enterprises, brand building leader, excellent quality brand workers, quality brand benchmarking, brand-name products and quality projects and other awards have been approved, and the principle of adoption. In summing up the meeting, President Wang fully affirmed the establishment of the quality of the seven years of work, the outstanding feature is the formation of an effective linkage work mechanism, under the guidance of the government departments, under the leadership of the machine, the professional associations directly involved, and local and regional industrial clusters formed a resultant force. Working methods and paths are correct, the main goal of quality brand work focused on transformation and upgrading to increase efficiency, in order to implement the main responsibility of enterprise quality, the organization launches enterprises, play local and regional forces, to cultivate as the focus, in recognition of brand-name products, quality integrity enterprises and regional brand building activities for the hand,

To promote quality brand building and implement the incentive mechanism required by Prime Minister Li Keqiang in the government work report, the work of the QC Committee is effective. Wang Chairman of the overall requirements for the future work, first of all, to carry out the party's 18 spirit and General Secretary Xi Jinping series of speeches as the platform, in accordance with national development strategy and concept, around the construction of mechanical power, to the needs of the industry development, to improve the overall quality of efficiency. To improve the organization, improve the level of service, take effective, powerful measures, with targeted, guiding, creative promotion work. Implement the government work report request, earnestly publicize and carry out the national quality brand policy. To do a good job of publicity and promotion, to guide more enterprises to participate actively, to create a broader impact, to build machinery industry brand to form the world famous brand as the goal, the mechanical industry to the quality era.