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The Chaos Of Tea Sales Should Not Be Misused Apr 24, 2018

The Qingming Festival is not the time for the launch of Mingchao’s Mingqiancha tea. Many tea lovers are ready to go to the tea market to make a return to the treasure and go to a tea flourishing era. However, the first two days of an "NBTV reporter undercover tea market, amazing starter! The fragrance can be adjusted, the year has a routine, and it is more excessive... It reveals the sales of Mingchao tea, a high-quality new tea. You may buy tea at a high price. It may be to renovate Chen tea. Some unscrupulous traders abuse the oven to renovate Chen Cha. Former new tea sales. In addition, it is also common to make use of the missing grades on the packaging to identify tea grades and reprocess white tea. It can be seen that food machinery and equipment have become a tool of self-interest in these unscrupulous traders. The appearance of this phenomenon made me deeply realize that it is time to talk about how to use these food machinery and equipment in the end.


Drying equipment is an indispensable equipment for tea processing


When the reporter was undercover, he found that some merchants dried the moldy air through drying equipment, thereby refurbishing the old tea. Businesses dare to use drying equipments in this way mainly because with the increasing refinement of the current drying devices, the drying devices can be uniformly heated, and the tea mold will not change the color of the tea while removing the moldy gas.



It is understood that the tea drying process needs to control the heating temperature, once out of control, it is prone to discoloration, yellow leaves, uneven color, etc., the quality of tea can not be guaranteed. Therefore, tea dryer manufacturers have been trying hard to improve the drying temperature by improving the drying method. At present, microwave drying equipment and heat pump drying equipment can ensure even heating of tea leaves. The microwave drying equipment makes the temperature rise rapidly through microwaves with extremely penetrating and non-thermal effects, destroys the enzyme activity of fresh leaves, so that the inside and outside temperatures of the tea leaves are the same when the tea leaves are dried and dried, and the heat pump dryer is formed in the drying room. High-temperature steam penetrates the fresh leaves. The rapid warming of the two can make the temperature inside and outside the tea uniform, thus ensuring the quality of tea.


Drying equipment is an indispensable equipment for tea greening and processing. It can extend the shelf life of tea and make tea more resistant to foam. However, the improvement of drying equipment is by no means a tool that unscrupulous traders can use to renovate and dry tea. When the old tea is dried again, it will lead to the loss of part of the tea. The person who loves tea can be identified accordingly.


Packaging logo is the basis for consumers to buy tea, not business 忽悠 tools


During the sale of tea, some businesses seized the loopholes in tea that were not marked with grades. “Look at people under the dish” to see how unfairly graded consumer satisfaction level made many consumers mistakenly buying lower grade tea as premium tea. There are also other businesses that add and change product labels to mislead consumers.



Tea packaging and standard labeling is a step that must be taken by the tea industry in the standardization of production. At present, with the increasingly perfect packaging machinery, teabag packaging machine, triangle tea packaging machine, bar-shaped tea packaging machine, vacuum nitrogen filling Packaging machines and other tea packaging machine equipment emerge in an endless stream, the exquisite packaging of tea has become a major reason for consumers to buy. However, the development of the equipment will also bring about certain side effects. After the popularization of printing equipment and labeling equipment, the normativeness of tea labels has been seriously challenged. The specification of the logo also requires related agencies to further strengthen management. According to reports, in the case of West Lake Longjing in front of the Ming Dynasty, authentic tea leaves need to be accompanied by the certification marks of relevant management associations and special labels for geographical indication protection products. These labels are attached with two-dimensional codes that allow consumers to verify the authenticity.


With the industrialization of tea production, it is a basic requirement to package and attach labels. However, because of the large number of tea products in China and the difficulty in supervision, many tea labels are not standardized, which makes consumers feel confused when purchasing. In order to further standardize the development of the tea industry, relevant agencies need to strengthen the management of tea labels.