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With Such Equipment, High Efficiency, Environmental Protection, A Lot Of Mar 31, 2018

40 years, the trials and tribulations of the Red Star, with the "Professional made classic" Beginner's mind, with excellent quality products and attentive service, the group of equipment in foreign countries left countless busy figure.

Today, the show is to be stationed in Guangxi Xiangzhou Mill production line. Xiangzhou is located in the famous long life of Guangxi province, is located in central Guangxi, the West foot of the mountain, the territory of hilly stretches, peaks. In addition to the unique advantages of natural scenery, Xiangzhou is also rich in mineral resources. At present, the main identified mineral deposits are barite, manganese, copper, lead and more than 10 kinds, of which barite reserves up to 2010, the proven reserves of more than 30 million tons, accounted for 55.7% of the proven reserves in Guangxi.

Unparalleled resources advantage, for Xiangzhou economic Development made a great contribution. As an important nonmetal mineral material, barite industry is widely used, and the value of comprehensive utilization after processing has continued to grow. The Red Star's Barite mill production line is located here. According to customer demand, engineers designed a reasonable milling production line, production capacity reached 110t/h, finished product size of 400 mesh.

Among them, jaw crusher and Raymond Mill is the main equipment, the two equipment is not only the Red Star sales force, but also because of the quality and performance of customers at home and abroad praised.

1, crushing: barite raw material size is larger, need to first use jaw crusher for primary crushing, broken by the bucket elevator evenly into the silo;

2, Grinding: Electromagnetic vibration feeder evenly to the hopper in the barite into Raymond Mill for milling, grinding to a certain number of mesh;

3, the selection of powder: After grinding barite into the separator to select the grading, unreasonable fine powder to be sent to the Raymond Mill to grind;

4. Collection: The qualified barite powder is collected by the piping device and then sent to the silo for packing. hongxing Mechanical design of the production line of high automation, run smoothly after the production, the finished particle size uniformity, basically meet the needs of customers.

Overall, barite powder production line has won the trust of customers. The most is a year of spring benefits, in the green sprinkle the earth, the Red Star machinery equipment by virtue of environmental protection for the motherland of the great rivers and mountains added a different green.