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The era of great changes in wind power has come Apr 26, 2018

The circumference of the rim is several dozen times that of the existing three-blade fan hub. There may be a large space for the blade and a large number (equal to increased power). At the same time, the blades are arranged on the rim, far away from the central axis (which is equal to extending the power arm). The physics leverage theorem is: power x power arm = resistance x resistance arm. The impeller efficiency doubles and has scientific basis. (Experimental machine has proved efficient and feasible)

 The advantage of the full-tip structure is that the steel cable replaces the transitional support in the root and the leaves, which greatly increases the strength of the impeller. It also reduces the solidity of the impeller, allowing faster airflow and less spoilage. (And the existing three-blade technology tens of meters long, only by increasing the root diameter to maintain its own strength).

 Variable pitch power adjustment range: MW and above models, more than 18 blades can be installed on the rim, the number of blades is 6-1O times that of the prior art, 1.8 meters/second, low wind speed can start. The existing large-scale wind turbines have a wind speed of up to 3.5 m/s, which greatly increases the duration of electricity generation and increases the efficiency.

  Adjust the windward angle of the blade according to the wind speed. When the wind speed is high, it becomes a feathering state, so the wind speed can run from 5.5 to 25 m/s at full load. When the blade is fully feathered, it is stopped and the wind speed is cut at 25 m/s. When the blade is in the feathered state, the cross-sectional area is only a few millimeters (leaf thickness), the impeller is basically only the wheel body frame, and there is also the cable pull, which is highly reliable. Therefore, the survival wind speed can far surpass the existing three-blade technology and adapt to a wide area.

 The miniaturized blades are fundamentally changed from the processing technology, manufacturing difficulty, raw materials used, cost, lifting, transportation, fatigue life, and so on. The cost of the blade is only a few percent of that of the existing technology, and no gearbox is required. Therefore, the cost of the entire machine is only about 50% of the existing three-blade technology. With low operation and maintenance costs, the cost of power generation is expected to be lower than the cheapest thermal power.


    To sum up: 1. The projected area of the blades of the prior art is changed to the tip of the blade, and the wind wheel efficiency can be increased by 2.5 times.

2. The perimeter of the rim is a few dozen times that of the existing three-bladed technology and the hub. The total area of the blade can be set to be twice that of the existing three-bladed technology. Therefore, compared with the three-blade technology, the same wheel diameter efficiency can be increased by at least 4-5 times. On the basis of a significant reduction in wheel diameter, the single-machine capacity extreme (three-blade technology) can be exceeded.