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Construction machinery industry in 2017 profits will be significantly increased 4 Feb 09, 2018

Faced with the depth adjustment of the industry over the past few years and in order to strengthen confidence, the Association strengthened the publicity and implementation of national policies and industry advocacy through meetings, forums, media networks and service platforms, and boosted the industry's growth, quality and profitability Played a good role, won the praise of member units.

According to the demands of the enterprise, the Association timely summarizes relevant issues and exerts its own credibility, authority and resources advantages of the government, society, users, experts and media owned by the Association to provide services to member enterprises. On the one hand, it timely reports the operation, development trends and existing problems of the enterprises in the industry to the relevant government departments, and on the one hand, it will take measures to solve the problems with the related enterprises.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Division, organized by the industry strength to complete the "construction machinery industry," Thirteen Five "Development Plan", in March 2016 formally implemented. The plan expounds the present situation and development of the industry, the major problems and constraints in the development of the industry, the prediction of market demand, the development strategy and guiding ideology, the objectives of development planning, the development priorities and major tasks, the policy recommendations and the opinions on measures, Put forward the blueprint for the development in the next five years and is of great significance to guiding the development of the industry and the progress of the enterprises.

In December 2016 and February 2017, the Association held the opening countdown activity of Beijing BICES2017, meeting the expected purpose. Efforts are now being made to focus on the key points of subdividing content, organizing effective audiences, arranging related activities, enhancing internationalization and enhancing exhibition services. At present, as the industry picks up and the exhibition quality improves, the popularity of Beijing Exhibition is on the rise. A large number of Chinese and foreign hosts and supporting enterprises are registering or confirming their participation.

Qi Jun, president of China Construction Machinery Association, said that setting up the Beijing BICES Exhibition as one of the four major tasks for the industry this year posed new requirements to the association. After many years of work practice, the association's comrades more profound understanding of the show, the more that the importance of Beijing BICES exhibition. In his opinion, Beijing BICES Exhibition is an international brand display platform representing the construction machinery industry in China and is an international voice of China Construction Machinery Exhibition. Standing in the construction machinery industry in our country from a strong strategic position, the success of Beijing BICES exhibition held a direct bearing on the overall image of China's construction machinery industry, related to the Chinese brand market position, related to the Chinese brand exhibition to the international market Development process, related to China's global construction machinery manufacturing enterprises and users of market exchanges and cooperation.