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Successful Delivery Of Cummins Remanufacturing Engine To Reduce The Efficiency Of Logistics Enterprises Mar 26, 2018

With the rapid development of logistics industry, logistics cost control has become the core concern of many enterprises.

and a practical engine products, not only to enhance the fleet operation efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, but also rely on Smart car networking technology to plan operations reasonably, further reduce costs. In order to help more users achieve "reduce the efficiency", Cummins has been vigorously promoting the engine remanufacturing business.

March 26, Cummins delivered the second batch of Dongguan engines to the company.

Flourishing Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., Cummins Global New parts and remanufacturing business, Dongfeng Cummins related business leaders, as well as a number of interested in remanufacturing engine customers invited to the scene, witnessed this important moment. For customers requiring engine overhaul, Cummins has introduced remanufacturing engine and remanufacturing long cylinders, the machine is the same as the new machine, and the long cylinder is to further reduce the customer procurement costs, on the basis of the remanufacturing machine, the removal of turbocharger, oil pump, air compressor, starter, motor, ECM,

External components, such as fuel pumps and fuel pipelines, keep these external parts of the old machine from being used. 2017, the first purchase Cummins Remanufacturing engine, this is again procurement. As a third party logistics service company, which cooperates with the major express companies, faced with the challenge of rising costs and falling profits, the operating costs, attendance, and engine quality of vehicles are important factors that affect the profitability of the fleet, and the Cummins Remanufacturing engine purchased last year has been well represented in these three areas. Said Mr. Yiu Wujin, general manager of flourishing Freight Forwarding Co.