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Yuchai Nirvana--The Persistence And Reconstruction Of Traditional Power Enterprises In The New Energy Era Mar 23, 2018

By the national six new product development opportunities, after three years of system reengineering, to achieve high-end from the end of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Nirvana Rebirth.

This is a reborn rebirth.

This 67-year history, diesel engine sales for more than 10 consecutive years to maintain the industry-leading traditional power enterprises, has been in 2013 years began to start the Battle of two. "The transformation of Yuchai into the midfield, but the market will not give us the time and space for the intermission." "As the head of Yuchai, Yanping always remind themselves," to be vigilant lax neglect, small into the full of thinking and consciousness.

"How far can Yuchai go when competitors are speeding up and facing the same market and industry situation?"

"With the courage and wisdom of the present, can Yuchai win the Battle of the nation's six era?"

"To break through the current scale bottlenecks, what unconventional means to achieve the curve overtaking and jump-type development?"


These questions, all the time are grilling Yanping, they are Yuchai "snag" and "must cross the slope."

And this time the whole series of national six power new release, whether can give the answer?

The "follower" to the "leader" of the leap

"The whole Family", "14", "world-class level", alone these eye-catching words, Yuchai This conference, is enough to pull the wind.

January 8, in Guangxi Yulin headquarters, despite the erratic rain frequency to the chaos, but this does not affect the slightest breath of 14 vehicles with the state six stage engine domineering. This is the domestic internal combustion engine industry to release the first series of six products, but also marks Yuchai once again with a number of cutting-edge technology leading the Chinese internal combustion engine emissions upgrade technology trend.