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7 Major Projects In The First Quarter Of The Sea Started Mar 21, 2018

March 21, the former sea Shekou from the trade zone in the first quarter of 2018, major projects focused on the opening ceremony at the Moon Bay interchange GUI Miao Lu main flyover project site.

Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee, the former sea snake mouth since the Trade Committee director Tianfe attended and announced the focus on the start. According to the Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper 22nd News, the project has a total of 7 projects, including the Moon Bay interchange GUI Miao Lu Main bridge project, the Lutheran group China headquarters, Huaqiang Front Sea project, China Wind Investment building project, the pre-Sea Early Start Project (first phase), the former Sea t102-0262 commercial apartment project,

Shenzhen Port Mawan area Starfish Wharf 1#-4# berth Renovation project, the total investment is expected to reach 26.4 billion yuan. It is understood that 2017 years ago, the sea Shekou since the trade zone actively promote the construction of social investment projects, the whole year to achieve the former Hai Shimao financial center, Kerry first stage apartments, shun Fung headquarters building, the former Hai Guanze project, such as the main structure of 14 towers capped. Among them, the former sea first 300 meters tower-the former Hai Shimao Financial center officially capped, refreshing the "front sea skyline" height. 2017 years ago, sea Shekou from the trade area completed fixed assets investment 43.1 billion yuan, an increase of 10.8%, of which, the former sea area completed 38.5 billion yuan, an increase of 39.3%, the new town image has made significant changes.