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What Are The Advanced Mechanical Techniques In Ancient China? Mar 27, 2018

For the Northern Song Dynasty Yuan bless three years (1088) Susong's, Han Ganglian and other people. They Juschaux-Saint (1094~1097) in the early years of the "new Instrument Image Law", containing a total map and a number of parts map. The water-borne instrument is like a five-foot-tall, two-foot-wide, and is a broad wooden building. The lower deck of the platform has water lifting devices, driven by human resources, driving the upper whorl and the next round (the car), the water is referred to the Milky Way (by sinks), injected into the Tianchi (cistern). Taichung Flat kettle keeps the water level constant, and through a certain section of the pipe to the pivot wheel (hydro-turbine) by the kettle flow of constant flow, pushing the pivot wheel.

The pivot wheel drives day and night wheels, Celestial globe and Hunyi through transmission gears. Water Armillary is an instrument that relies on hydraulic power to operate and mimics the workings of celestial bodies and can measure time. This armillary improved the design of the Han Dynasty scientist Zhang Heng, water injection excitation wheel, so that its rotation, day and night, in addition to the movement of the stars, but also performance of the Star of the moon, of course, than Zhang Heng's waterborne celestial globe instrument more sophisticated and complex. Therefore, when the water transport armillary caused, placed in the martial before the temple, Wu Liao after watching, all for its exquisite production, the determination of syzygy, report hour accurate and admiration, altogether called its wonderful.