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Transformation And Innovation Of Technology Achievement Of Baking Food By Freeze-drying Technology May 06, 2018

Drying is one of the ways to keep the material from spoilage. Many dry methods, such as drying, cooking, drying, spray drying and vacuum drying.

 However, these drying methods are carried out at temperatures above 0 ℃ or higher. In drying technology, freeze drying is carried out at a lower temperature. This technology to contain a large amount of water content, freezing in advance to freeze into a solid, and then in a vacuum under the conditions of the water vapor directly sublimation, and the material itself left in the frozen ice shelf, so it dry volume unchanged, loose porous in sublimation to absorb heat.

   Cause the product itself temperature decline and slow sublimation speed, in order to increase sublimation speed, shorten drying time, must be appropriate to the product heating. Whenever the mid-Autumn festival comes, the market will appear the moon cakes, Moon cakes more and more diverse taste.

   The application of freeze drying technology in the production of moon cakes technology, to produce a new type of mooncakes.

 September 12, by the Guangdong baked Food Industry Technology Innovation Alliance sponsored innovative mooncake New category Technology seminar held in Beijing, from the Chinese Food Fermentation Research Institute, the National Food testing and Testing center, the Chinese Agricultural University experts on Fresh Fruit light Frozen dry Moon cakes Project has been demonstrated, and affirmed the project results. The Guangdong Baked and roasted alliance This new fruit mooncake, uses the natural fruit and the room temperature ice skin, the grease, the heat are far below the conventional moon cakes. The core of this new category of mooncakes is vacuum freeze drying technology, because it is in low temperature, low pressure environment will be directly sublimation of water, so the food in the central part of the color, incense, taste and nutrients are as much as possible to be retained, and effectively extended the shelf life, each freeze-dried mooncake filling of fresh fruit content of up to 85%, oil content of only 6% , while the traditional mooncake oil content is 15%-21%. Organizers introduced that, due to the limitations of the technology, the current market of fruit cakes are mostly fruit cakes, but with the continuous upgrading of consumer demand for fresh fruit cakes. The launch of the Fresh Fruit light freeze dry mooncake is a successful case of the integrated baking industry technology innovation resources of Guangdong Baking Union, realizing the transformation and innovation development of the baked food technology achievements.