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Asia's Largest Coking Coal Intelligent Coal Preparation Plant Started Construction May 16, 2018

On May 3rd, Huaibei Mining Linyi Coal Preparation Plant held the ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the development and construction of the Huaibei Mining Area and started the construction of an intelligent Linfen coal preparation plant, which started the “high-quality, intelligent” development of the Linfen Coal Preparation Plant. New Era.

    In the 60-year development history of the Huaibei Mining Area, Linfen Coal Preparation Plant gradually developed into the largest coking coal preparation plant in Asia, making positive contributions to the economic construction of the mining area and the economic development of the Huaibei region. This year, in accordance with the strategic layout of Huaibei Mining, the plant has systematically promoted the construction of intelligent coal preparation plants, continuously improved the reliability of equipment, promoted the intelligentization of processes and equipment integration, and divided the intelligent construction into four levels. , The use of existing servers to establish a production data processing center and equipment data processing center, the use of cloud computing technology and Huaibei mining server interconnection, the human behavior, the state of the equipment and production process in a variety of sensors, actuators, PLC controller, video The collected data such as monitoring are transmitted to the production data processing center and equipment data processing center respectively, making full use of the big data processing technology and cloud computing technology, realizing information management and intelligent control, and ultimately achieving the information and market demand for raw coal through washing and washing. Product information, automatic product structure optimization model, decision-making mechanism to determine the optimal production mode, and safe and efficient production with minimal human intervention.