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Application Of Industrial Robot In Food Packaging Industry May 05, 2018

With the development of food industry, the application of machine intelligence is more and more wide, the application of industrial robot is the best embodiment.


  Among them, packaging is currently the most widely used industrial robot in the food industry.


  At present, the application of industrial robot in food mainly concentrates on several types: packing robot, picking robot, palletizing robot and processing robot. In the food industry, robots are popular mainly because they are flexible.


  The packaging business needs to meet the different requirements of consumers, robots than traditional packaging equipment to adapt to different sizes and shapes of packaging.


  Food tends to refinement and diversification direction, a single variety of large quantities of products less and more varieties of small quantities of products increasingly become mainstream. Most of the domestic food production packaging work, especially the more complex packaging items of demining, assembly and other work is basically manual operation is difficult to ensure the unity and stability of packaging, but also may cause pollution of packaging products.


  The application of robot can avoid these problems effectively and realize intelligent control.


  Picking a robot is a robot that can be selected, picked and placed according to certain criteria and in accordance with some principles, one or more items that are stacked and scattered together without rules.


  It is expected to save labor and reduce job errors after the manual selection and deployment of jobs to a given location is automated. Because it can also move heavier object objects, it helps to reduce the burden on the operator.


  The technical difficulties of picking robots in food industry are similar to those of similar robots in other industries, that is, the robot vision system must be used for object recognition to realize intelligent selection and carry out corresponding operation. The use of robotic palletizing is a popular application of robots in many industries, including the food industry.


  The use of robot palletizing speed, high efficiency, and can carry heavier items, greatly saving labor costs.


  Industrial robots in the food industry in the application of processing, a variety of patterns.


  Modern food industry from canned food to refrigerated food, from baked food to confectionery, all kinds of pasta, table sauces and beverages, each food can not be separated from the production chain of industrial methods. At present, food production is based on large-scale standardization of industrial procedures to complete.


  In this process, not only to ensure the quality of food itself, but also to ensure the number of outputs, colleagues to meet the strict guardian standards and packaging, appearance and a series of stringent requirements. As the most advanced automation technology representative, the emergence of the robot provides a perfect solution, so that food enterprises in the protection of production and control costs found a good balance.