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New S Reducer For Concrete Mixer May 18, 2018

The new S reducer for concrete mixers The China National Academy of Building Research Jia Xinmin/IAXinmin concrete mixers are equipped with the appropriate deceleration devices. In addition to Z200, Z350.S350.S500 and other small mixer is a special reducer designed by the industry unified design. The remaining large and medium concrete mixers use universal products. Among them, the ZQ series involute gear reducer is a national phase-out product. Cycloid reducer cost is high. Difficult to maintain, worm gear reducer efficiency is low, so look for a low cost. Drive balance and versatility. Repair the easy-to-use reducer. It is of practical significance to reduce the cost of the mixer and improve its performance.

2 Differential acceleration changes over time. Sprocket pair movement. The chain is in a state of no movement, in order to visually imitate the movement of the chain. We took out one of the chain drive assemblies individually. Use the Animate Hardware (hardware animation) command to play the animation. To intuitively capture the movement of the chain.

In addition. In order to make the gears of the planetary speed reducing mechanism move and mesh to achieve the best state and obtain the most accurate displacement coefficient. We also focused on the simulation analysis of the motion of the planetary speed reducer. Using the simulation results, the gear shift coefficients are continuously corrected. Finally, accurately obtain the displacement coefficient of each gear.

4 Conclusion Applied mechanism simulation analysis. The main points of assistance for the design work of the grader are as follows: (1) We have obtained the main components of the grader. Such as blade, traction frame.

Working cylinder movement, speed, acceleration curve. This provides a strong basis for further analysis of its mechanical properties;) Finding and correcting errors in the modeling process in a timely manner. The design error was eliminated in the virtual manufacturing process, thus ensuring that no design errors were found in the actual manufacturing assembly process. It took only three months from product design to prototype assembly to go offline.

Use I-DEAS's gear modeling program. Virtual manufacturing assembled wheel side planetary gear reduction mechanism. This allows us to observe and study the movement of the wheel reducer very intuitively during the design phase. We not only obtained its mechanical state. Especially when studying the motion process, it plays a crucial role in the accurate selection of the gear displacement coefficient; the mechanical properties obtained through the mechanism simulation. It provides a powerful design basis for our subsequent finite element analysis. As a result, our grader products have demonstrated good dynamic performance and high reliability on the market.

The I-DEAS software was used to simulate the motor grader. It is a successful case that we use the most advanced design method to improve the design of traditional engineering machinery products. We not only get a beautiful appearance. At the same time the product has excellent performance and high reliability, and its product development cycle is 40-D% shorter than traditional methods.