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The highest domestic drilling rig was born May 24, 2018

“I really did not expect the base of the 13.7-meter-tall tower to rise so smoothly!” On September 27, the equipment management department of Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Technology Services Co., Ltd. organized an inspection and acceptance expert group to conduct factory acceptance of the ZJ90D drilling rig developed by the petrochemical machinery four-machine company. One expert commented.

Compared with the same model at home and abroad, the independently-innovated Sinopec 9000-meter drilling rig has achieved the world's first dual-beam double-delta column slingshot base, 13.7 meters high, creating a new record for the domestic base height; the first domestic application of single-selling The derrick is connected and the hydraulic winch lifting base is used for the first time. The overall structure of the drilling rig is reasonable, and the quakeproof capability is strong. It has the characteristics of small disassembly and assembly workload, high single-rooted efficiency, good structural stability, high degree of safety protection, and saving time for relocation. Fully meet the requirements of construction operations.

“This 9,000-meter drilling rig is based on research and development in the international high-end market and has reached the leading domestic and international advanced technology level.” said Xu Jun, a drilling and maintenance equipment expert at Petrochemical Machinery.

Domestic and foreign call for ultra-deep well drilling rig

The first 4,000-meter drilling rig was developed in 2005, the first quick-moving and fast-moving drilling rig in China in 2006, the 7000-meter drilling rig in 2008, the low-temperature wheel-rail drilling rig in 2009, and the four-machine company insisting on scientific and technological innovation to develop the characteristics of petroleum equipment. Technology has achieved a transition from follow-up to run, from and to lead, from manufacturing to creation.

In recent years, due to the impact of low oil prices, the drilling engineering market has entered the winter period, and equipment demand has declined. The four-machine company faced the problem, insisted on the combination of scientific and technological innovation and engineering practice, and strived to find a market growth point. According to the person in charge of the company's Technology Management Department, the turning point appeared in 2016. On July 14th this year, at the Sinopec Petroleum Engineering West Works Drilling Symposium, the company was informed that in accordance with the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of the oil and gas exploration and development section of Sinopec, the deep and ultra-deep oil and gas in the northwest and the unconventional oil and gas in the Southwest have been integrated. Development and utilization will be the focus of the next phase of land-based oil and gas drilling operations. It plans to promote “three million tons of production capacity” during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period. Ton of production capacity, preparation of one million tons of production capacity in the North 2/4 block) to replace the position construction. However, with the further development and expansion of the western engineering area, the block wells have developed to a depth of 8000m-9000m, and the southwestern working area also faces severe challenges of complex geological structures, uncertain reservoirs, and deep well depths exceeding 8000m. This information allows the four-machine company to sharply capture the new changes in the domestic market demand for drilling rigs.

At the same time, the demand for ultra-deep well rigs has gradually increased in foreign countries. In August 2016, the four-machine company learned from overseas drilling rigs in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates that it was also faced with the development needs of 7,000-meter-deep and deep wells, long horizontal wells, and directional wells in the Middle East.

“In the face of the severe challenges of the winter market, we must seize market opportunities, make good use of favorable conditions, and open up new development roads.” In September of that year, after the completion of overseas inspections, the company immediately launched the development of a 9,000-meter drilling rig.

Strict control of equipment manufacturing quality

The 9000-meter rig is one of the “four-machine” brand drilling rigs for petrochemical machinery, and is a “landmark” product for the company to push the development of ultra-deep well rigs to a new level and provide equipment support for engineering operations.

To this end, the company attaches great importance to the development of 9,000 meters drilling rig. Previously, they carried out special investigations in accordance with the principle of “advanced technology, reliable performance, convenient transportation, and economic operation” and designed a manufacturing program for a 9,000-meter drilling rig. On November 21, 2016, they passed the evaluation of the expert group of the Petroleum Engineering Company. .

In order to meet the operating requirements of low temperature below -35°C, the company used a certain type of high-strength, high-toughness, high-performance low-temperature steel for the first time in drilling machine manufacturing. At the beginning of the project, users were skeptical of the company's ability to process welding. “Rejecting a person’s face is a trivial matter, and the responsibility of the company’s brand is great.” Qu Xiaohong, senior technician of welding equipment in the four-company company's structural parts factory, has been the main operator of the welding evaluation of new materials. Together with the technical engineer, he has consulted a lot of domestic and foreign Data, from the joint form, welding wire selection, electromechanical flux selection and other aspects of repeated attempts, and strive to do a good job for each welding procedure qualification test specimens, through nearly 100 tests, successfully completed the new material welding assessment work, dispelling the user's doubts.

On this basis, the company's Materials Technology Research Institute, Quality Control Center and Structure Factory fully communicated. By analyzing the early welding deformation of new materials, reviewing the previous tooling control methods for similar structural components, measuring the possible position and deformation of the processing deformation Quantity, in the form of written submissions, to define the quality control benchmarks, straightness, degree of distortion, weld formation standards for 9000-meter rig components, and design requirements for the derrick and pedestal assembly of the rig.

In order to ensure the assembly quality of the whole machine, the 9000-meter rig base column was first machined in the integral machining mode after the group welding, which changed the processing technology that used many years of first-sheet processing and retooling welding. The precision between the holes of the base column was effectively guaranteed. .

“The design and manufacture of the 9000m rig strictly implements the ISO9001, ISO14000 quality control and environmental control standards, and meets the API, GB, and SY series standards and specifications.” said Lin Junquan, director of the Quality Control Center of the four-machine company.

Putting the needs of users first

In April of this year, after nearly half a year's efforts, the four-machine company's 9,000-meter drill rigs were all ready before the start of the work and entered the full-scale production stage. At this time, they received the user's design rectification requirements.

"Standing from the customer's point of view, combining its own technical advantages with the actual needs of users, and constantly providing the best products and the best services for users" has always been the starting point for the work of the scientific research personnel of the four-machine company. According to the user's requirements, the project R&D team immediately initiated the design rectification plan. Through a month's time, the rig floor layout was re-changed, and the original split-table turntable drive was changed to an integrated turntable drive, which reduced the user's disassembly and installation workload. The convenience of maintenance and maintenance of drilling rigs has been improved; the drilling machine has moved the rat hole forward to better adapt the operation and usage habits of domestic users.

In the third quarter, the 9000-meter drill rig was transferred from the drawing design to manufacturing, 5 users were supervised by the company, and the 4-machine company dispatched the full-time personnel to participate in and cooperate with the user's supervision work, established a smooth information mechanism and early warning mechanism, and responded in a timely manner. Responsibility for the task to the people, to ensure that the project plan node to achieve on schedule.

Put customer needs first, think from the customer's point of view, take the initiative to improve and optimize the equipment, and strive for perfection in every detail. The rigorous and serious work attitude of the four aircraft users has been recognized by the customer, and acceptance inspection will be held on September 27th. At the same time, the expert group unanimously believed that the rig had industrial application conditions and agreed to pass the factory acceptance. The performance indicators of the rig were well received by users.