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The fastest small six-axis robot will be produced in Dongguan May 31, 2018

In the Changying Fine Factory, a mechanical man flies over and over to replace the previously-concealed workers, constantly picking up and dropping one vivo phone case and quickly carving it by an active laser engraving machine... The person in charge of the company introduced it in recent years. The company received a number of guidelines and financial support from Dongguan for the first set of equipment subsidies, "machine substitution", smart production diagnosis, "double-up plan", etc., and maintained an increase of more than 50% for a long time. Now, the company has also collaborated with Yaskawa of Japan to create a small six-axis robot with the smallest and fastest control cabinet in the world. It will also mass-produce in Dongguan and use this as the key to become the leader of China's small six-axis industrial robot. enterprise. At the scene, the reporter saw that the robot's control cabinet is smaller than the main computer of the home computer, and the traditional control cabinet has a large desk.

In recent years, private enterprises in Dongguan have gradually transformed into high-tech industries. The parent company of Guangda Wegu, where the venue is located, once used real estate as its main business. At the Ever Bright Valley Intelligent Production System Exhibition Hall, the participants specifically understand the process of Everbright Group's efforts to build a smart production system. The base was supported by the Dongguan City's supply policy. The company provided preferential venue rental, one-stop teaching training, and talented technology services. It introduced dozens of service providers such as Guangzhou CNC, Shenyang Xinsong, and Dongguan Science and Technology Development Center to attract 50 employees. Home-based small and medium-sized enterprises settled in, and strive to enter 200 companies in 2020.