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New gel sticks to heart artery May 23, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the suture treatment of the wound after surgery can not be completely sealed. A few days ago, a new type of gel was developed that can solve the sealing requirements that cannot be achieved by ordinary means and allows wounds to heal more quickly.

   The new sealant, MeTro, is a biocompatible sealant. The raw material is a protein that is similar to human elastin. With the help of ultraviolet light, the solidification of MeTro only takes 60 seconds. At present, researchers have used MeTro to successfully seal the wounds of pig lungs. The next step is to test the human body. Reviews Good surgical sealants require a variety of properties including elasticity, adhesion, non-toxicity, and biocompatibility. Most sealants on the market have only one or two characteristics, and the new material, MeTro, possesses all of these characteristics and has powerful potential applications, whether it is emergency treatment at the scene of an accident or improvement of hospital surgery. This provides a positive solution to deal with the deep damage of human internal organs.