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Special heavy-duty milling lathe passed final acceptance May 22, 2018

The model CKX53280 super-heavy-duty milling lathe features large load, high efficiency, high precision, wide processing range, and high reliability. The equipment has a maximum processing diameter of 28m, load-bearing capacity of 800t, processing height of 13m, worktable radial runout of 0.015mm, and any indexing accuracy of the worktable of ±2′′. These indicators are in the leading position in the world. The equipment is equipped with vehicles, milling, drilling, boring, Grinding and other composite processing functions, parts once installed can complete all or most of the processing procedures, can be used for millions of kilowatts of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant nuclear reactor pressure shell, core spider, steam generator and other ultra-high rotary parts processing. It can be used for the key large parts such as hydro turbines and ships in the rotary support of hydro turbine runners, oversized tonnage full-rotation cranes, power station rotor supports, bottom rings, foundations, and mine drums.

Since the equipment was put into production, it has been operating stably with reliable performance, greatly improving the user's processing efficiency and product quality, and expanding the service scope to many countries. The successful development of this project solved the problem that China's nuclear power and hydropower capacity exceeded 10 million kilowatts, marking a significant increase in domestic heavy-duty and super heavy-duty machine tool equipment production capacity.

In recent years, Wuzhong Group has always adhered to the user-centered approach, centered on the strategic layout of "heavy duty machine tools and special planes", fully utilized its own capabilities, and aimed at high-speed, high-precision, multi-axis linkage control, with digital, network, and intelligent development. The direction of implementation of "20 scientific and technological innovations" stimulated the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel to innovate, and developed high-speed and high-precision products such as VT series high-speed vertical lathes, HB series high-speed floor-to-cease milling and boring machines, and GM series gantry boring and milling machines; they have undertaken major gas turbine milling and machining centers. The project and the rail transit frog automation processing production line laid the foundation for Wuzhong Construction's first-class equipment manufacturing group.