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Smart Manufacturing Core National Standard Releases Heterogeneous System Information Integration into Easy Things May 30, 2018

In order to better solve the problem of difficult integration of heterogeneous system information in the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, and support the construction of the intelligent manufacturing standard system, the September 5, 2017, GB/T 33863.1-.8-2017 "OPC unified architecture" release report The Ceremony of the Ceremony for the Accomplishment of the OPC UA Certification Testing Laboratory was held in Beijing.

The IEC 62541 OPC UA technical specification is a series of standards (a total of 12 parts). The national standards released a few days ago are the first 8 parts, and the conversion of the last 4 parts has also been initiated. The Chairman of the OPC Foundation, Thomas J. Burke, introduced that OPC UA was developed by more than 30 companies for more than 5 years. The purpose of the OPC UA is to provide an operating system for data and information transfer between the factory floor and the enterprise. Hardware platform-independent interoperability standards.

In addition, Dr. Liu Dan from the Instrument Research Institute focused on the support of the two key projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing ("Digital Workshop Integration and Interconnection Standards Research and Validation Platform Construction" and "Industrial Control Network Standard Research and Validation Platform Construction"). The project team has developed the relevant basic commonality standards to suit China's national conditions, solved the hardware and software platforms needed to achieve interconnection and interoperability test tests, and established a number of testing laboratories that have obtained international authorizations at the Instrument Research Institute.

With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, it is necessary to obtain a large amount of industrial production-related information, covering all levels from the construction site, workshops, factories and enterprises to application and market services. But the products used in industrial production are based on different technologies or from different manufacturers, from a variety of fieldbus and industrial Ethernet technologies, to PLCs, DCS control systems, CNC machine tools, robots, etc., and industrial companies are faced with how to effectively solve information integration within the system. problem. OPC UA technology provides a unified interface standard for industrial production systems. Based on this standard, it provides standardized and versatile heterogeneous system information integration solutions. OPC UA has a good development prospect in the information integration of industrial systems and is one of the core technical standards supporting intelligent manufacturing.